Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 342

    Chapter 342: Shes The Apple Of My Eye

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    When she saw the way Ning Xi was staring at this man who had just suddenly appeared, the lady spitefully sneered at her, "Do you even have the right to stare at a man like him?"

    Ning Xi was reaching a whole new level of patience, thanks to these morons.

    "Mr. Lu, do you have any orders?" The barman quickly came over and attended to the man.

    Carlos bar was under the Lu corporation. It was a good thing that the manager had seen this low-profile boss before, so he recognized him instantly after such a memorable first impression.

    The manager knew that the boss did not like people to know who he was, so he just addressed him as Mr. Lu.

    "Put everyone's tabs on me," Lu Tingxiao declared casually.

    "Okay, no problem!" the manager quickly replied.

    Everyone cheered hearing Lu Tingxiaos words.

    Just by observing the managers nervous behaviour, one could decipher that this man was a big shot and was probably filthy rich. What he just did only further confirmed it.

    The lady looked at Lu Tingxiao greedily since she just saw how generous he was. She could not wait anymore. She walked towards him with a pounding heart, introducing herself, "So, Mr. Lu, Im Wang Ruolan from the Wang corporation. I wonder if you're working right now and if I would be fortunate enough to have a private conversation with you over some drinks?"

    A handsome face combined together with a charm and a strong financial background...what a package. All the customers bills tonight would easily reach tens of millions, but this man seemed like he did not care at all. How attractive was that?

    And his surname was Lu, could he possibly be related to the legendary family from the Imperial?

    Lu Tingxiao just glanced at the lady with a cold expression and told her, "For this question, youd need to check with someone else. If shes okay with it, then I have no objections."

    "Who is it?" the lady quickly asked.

    Lu Tingxiao nodded his head towards Ning Xi. "Her."

    Ning Xi was surprised and speechless.

    "What, ask this witch?" The lady was shocked and confused.

    Lu Tingxiao gave her a cold stare, "Excuse me, miss, please take back what youve just said and apologize to her. Shes the apple of my eye."

    As if his words were not shocking enough, he added further, "Too bad, she still isnt mine."

    "Thethe apple of your eye?" the lady yelled in disbelief. "Howhow is this possible?!

    A man like this should only be worthy of someone of her own status, but he was going for such a dirty woman?

    "You actually fancy a woman like this? Do you know how dirty she is and how many people shes slept with before?" the lady could not accept this truth.


    Ning Xi saw that Lu Tingxiao was arguing for her sake and wanted to stop him, but he just calmly gave her a warning glance, and softly said, "Its okay, leave it to me."

    The ladys face turned really red seeing how gentle Lu Tingxiao treated Ning Xi. She said, "Mr. Lu, dont be deceived by someone like her. Shes just playing hard to get. In the end, she just wants more money!"

    She threw all her money and cards from her purse at Ning Xis feet, "Get away from this man! How much do you want? Name me a price!"

    The few women beside the lady went along with her, "Dont people like you just want money? Name a price, our Sis Lan will be able to afford it!"

    Lu Tingxiao just quietly looked at the lady crazily throwing her money, then calmly said, "Aside from being the apple of my eye, shes my superior, as well as my boss. Tonight, the one whos really treating everyone to drinks is her. So, youre now not only drinking my boss alcohol, but also insulting her. If possible, please throw up all the drinks youve drank before."

    Regardless of everyones expression of disbelief, Lu Tingxiao looked at the speechless Mister Li, "Of course, you as well."