Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 333

Chapter 333: An Unexpected Discovery

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Finally, Guo Qisheng could not stand this any longer and shouted "Cut!", then he said tiredly, "Let's rest for 10, 20 minutes! Guan Xiaoqi, you had better make use of this break to come back improved!"

Ning Xi thought, 20 minutes...

For Guan Xiaoqi, this break would not actually help her. If they continued on like this, Guan Xiaoqi would only continue to act horribly to no end...

Guo Qisheng definitely knew this too.

Ning Xi looked at Guo Qisheng and saw that he indeed had stepped aside to secretly make a phone call, guessing that he had called for help.

Xiao Tao nibbled on the melon seeds as she shook her head and said, "Director Guo is probably getting our company to substitute her, but this is not possible. Guan Xiaoqi's got such a strong backing, she definitely can't be changed!"

Indeed, within five minutes, Guo Qisheng walked out from the corner sadly. One look and anyone would know that his cry for help had failed.

Guo Qisheng walked straight to Ning Xi and said apologetically, "Ning Xi, there's been a bit of a delay, you might need to wait a little while more!"

Ning Xi smiled patiently and said nonchalantly, "No worries, director, go on with your work. Don't worry about me."

As Ning Xi spoke to the direction, Guan Xiaoqi and Fang Ya started to argue.

Fang Ya was laughing mockingly and said insultingly to the rest of the crew, "Haha...this is too funny! Someone here said to me at first that she has amazing acting skills. Alas, this is the amazing standards you speak of?"

Guan Xiaoqi's face stiffened and she stayed silent.

Fang Ya became even more delighted when she saw that she had hit the insult jackpot, and said, "So what if you're rich? With such terrible acting skills, even if your family were made of silver and gold, you'd never make it. Such a waste!"

Guan Xiaoqi had never been a patient person, and now that she was getting further insulted, she burst, "I'll be a waste of money, alright, that's on me! You've got no control over it! For someone like you, I don't even think that your family has got the money for you to waste. It's easy to despise what you cannot get! You're jealous, aren't you? Look at your poor face!"

"" Fang Ya was so angry that she could explode.

At the same time, Guan Xiaoqi's words did not just anger Fang Ya, but had indirectly included other acting members of the drama team with similar family backgrounds. She had really done herself in and earned more enemies now...

This was not surprising, from a princess like her who was spoilt since she was young and was not able to handle such insults. To be considerate of how others felt was the least of her worries.

When he saw that the situation was getting more serious, Guo Qisheng rushed over to stop the fight.

Xiao Tao, who was watching from the side, felt like Guan Xiaoqi was being unfair, "Please, Guan Xiaoqi, your words are too mean! You really can't blame everyone for hating her!"

Ning Xi did not express her opinion, but tapped Xiao Tao on the shoulder and said, "I'm going to the restroom."

"Oh, okay! Right Sister Xi, is there anything you'd like to eat? I'll go get it for you! This will probably take quite a while."

Ning Xi waved, "No need for that, thank you, you go get something for yourself instead."


When Ning Xi walked out of the restroom and was on her way back, she saw someone squatting under a tree not too far away.

Guan Xiaoqi...? Why is she squatting over there?

Ning Xi suspiciously stood there and watched for a while.

She saw that Guan Xiaoqi was holding the script in her hand and practicing her dialogues. She looked very serious, not at all egoistic like how she had been acting in front of everyone.

Ning Xi stood there and watched longer. Guan Xiaoqi did not notice that there was someone nearby at all, as she continued to practice over and over again...