Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Queen Of Bad Acting!

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After two days of rest, Ning Xi restored her energy and returned to the drama team to continue work.

She looked at the remaining work schedule and saw that her main scenes were completed, and that the rest were mostly supplementary shots for her previous scenes with Jia Qingqing. She had already memorized all these scenes by heart, so she was not stressed about it at all.

When she reached the set, it was not yet the turn for her scene.

Xiao Tao saw her and quickly walked over to greet, "Sister Xi, you're here! I was just going to text you to say that you don't have to be here so early!"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows and joked, "Why? Is Director feeling generous enough to give me more holidays?"

"Nah! Look over..." Xiao Tao's lowered voice indicated for her to look at Guan Xiaoqi and Fang Ya, who were in the middle of a shoot. "It's Guan Xiaoqi, she has already made so many mistakes, she's even worse than the original Jia Qingqing!"

"Guan Xiaoqi..." Ning Xi held her chin in her thumb and index finger, and murmured.

"Yeah, it's that new singer that our company tried to promote. Her singing is so bad, but what can we do? She's rich, and she's been throwing around money like it is flowing water! I heard that she has always been making noise about going into acting right from the start, but after the company tested her foundation skills, they realized that her acting was worse than her singing. That was why they used all sorts of ways to advise her to become a singer. At least singing skills can be fine tuned later!

"Alas, after all the money was put in, she only became a singer for a few months and said she wanted to quit. At last, she still demanded to act, and that was how she came to storm the entertainment scene..."

When Xiao Tao finished gossiping, she anxiously reminded Ning Xi, "Even though we are from the same company, but it's best to stay away from people like that!"

Ning Xi nodded slowly and went deep in thought. Recalling the last incident in her apartment, even though it might not have been her intention, Guan Xiaoqi did help her out once. But of course, she would not do anything carelessly without knowing someone well.

After she heard about this situation, Ning Xi did not leave earlier, but sat down on a chair instead. She had quite a number of scenes with Guan Xiaoqi, so she felt like she needed to understand her level of skill first.

At the end of the room, Guan Xiaoqi and Fang Ya's shoot continued...

Guan Xiaoqi's character in the show was Meng Changge's rival, Princess Xian, and Fang Ya was acting as the other concubine, Princess Shu. Both characters usually fought a lot, so they had quite a number of scenes with one another.

Ning Xi watched from afar. From what she observed, it was always Guan Xiaoqi's fault, and Guo Qisheng was about to break down in frustration...

"Guan Xiaoqi! You are a beloved concubine! Concubine! You must be evilly charming! And enchanting! Can your acting not be so stiff!?"

"As for your dialogues, our show is not using dubs, so the entire thing relies on receiving the live sounds and speech. How can we use this take if you're reciting dialogue as if you were reading a book monotonously?"

"Expressions! What about your expression?"


Xiao Tao delivered a packet of melon seeds to Ning Xi and said, "Sister Xi, see, I'm not exaggerating, am I? Her acting skills are just horrible! Sigh, you and teacher Jiang's collaboration is so smooth that everyone thought we could finish shooting much earlier. Alas, who knew we'd encounter this Guan Xiaoqi! She is really the queen of bad acting!"

Ning Xi did not say anything.

Objectively, the problem was not about good or bad acting. Guan Xiaoqi simply did not have any acting skills at all, like a blank canvas.

Usually in such a situation, the person who was acting with her would be very important. The worst part was, the person who was acting with her was Fang Ya, who had had previous conflicts with her. In fact, Fang Ya's acting skills were only average. If Guan Xiaoqi could actually perform well when acting with her, that would have actually been odd.