Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 331

    Chapter 331: Are You Worried About Me?

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    "Hmm? What is it?"

    Lu Tingxiao warm eyes calmed Ning Xi's unsettling mood in that moment...

    When Ning Xi gathered herself together, she deliberated to choose her words carefully before saying, "You should be more cautious nowadays, you know. When you move around, have more bodyguards with you or something! Even a dozen is not too many!"

    The other day after she unexpectedly received a phone call outside the bungalow from a certain someone, she felt uneasy. She knew what Lu Tingxiao was capable of; there was no way that guy could do anything to him, but she was still worried. She would even prefer if she herself could be his bodyguard and protect him 24/7...

    Lu Tingxiao squinted at this piece of news, and his eyes revealed a coldness. He walked slowly towards Ning Xi.

    Ning Xi subconsciously retreated backwards, until she felt her back pressed up against the wall filled with vines.

    Lu Tingxiao used one hand to lean on the wall behind her and suddenly asked, "This is a wall thud, right?"

    Ning Xi who was trapped blinked and said, "Uhh...yeah..."

    In fact, it was the perfect description! But why has the topic turned such a weird direction?

    "The last time I heard you say you liked it, so I learned to do it." Lu Tingxiao said.

    Ning Xi laughed awkwardly. She really wanted to tell the devil, there's no need for you to learn, really...

    In fact, when did she ever say that she liked this? She had actually said that girls could not stand this trick of backing them up against a wall. she felt like she could not stand it too...

    She was initially slightly worried that Lu Tingxiao would be unhappy about her alarm about his safety. It might seem like she was questioning his capabilities, and she was worried that she might cause him trouble too.

    Alas, Lu Tingxiao maintained his flirtatious posture and leaned forward to ask softly, "Ning Xi, are you worried about me?"

    Ning Xi was a little dumbfounded, "Pfft, yeah, you are my boss after all!"

    "Is that so? Well, I'm very happy." Lu Tingxiao eyes flooded with satisfaction, and then he said, "Then, I'll send you a message everyday to tell you that I'm safe, okay?"

    "Huh? This...well, of course it'd be a good thing you're safe!" Ning Xi said but then she felt that something was weird, though she could not pinpoint immediately what about it was odd.

    Lu Tingxiao smiled smugly, then straightened up and eased off his predatory pose. "I wanted to make you stay for dinner, but I'm guessing that you won't feel too comfortable here, so I won't ask you to stay."

    "No need, no need! In that case, I'll make a move now! Bye bye!"


    Only when she finally reached home, Ning Xi realized what was odd about the earlier encounter.

    As soon as she was home, Lu Tingxiao sent a message: [Are you home? I'm having dinner with Little Treasure, and all is fine. Don't need to worry.]

    Please! She was just reminding him to be more careful! It wasn't like he was her husband, reporting to his wife everyday!

    She was really going to make this devil suffer...

    She did not dare say he did not know how to flirt with girls anymore! She would not teach him how to pick up girls anymore!

    Yet, it did not end there.

    It was followed by another message from Lu Tingxiao: [I'll take Little Treasure to register in the next few days, this is Little Treasure's first time to school, I hope you can come then.]

    Ning Xi was speechless. With such a request, she could not reject him, no matter what.


    As soon as she sent this, Ning Xi crashed onto the pillow.

    Dead...She was clearly digging a hole for herself...

    However, the more she thought about it, the more she thought it was odd. What a coincidence that she was on her off day today, then she was invited to accompany Little Treasure at the old residence, and coincidentally she managed to advise Little Treasure to go to school. Then, it was followed by the devil's suggestion for her to accompany him in sending Little Treasure to school. When she thought about it, the drama she was acting in would soon be launching, so she would also be free...

    The flow of all these incidents was too serendipitous!!! Uhh, was it really...pure coincidence?