Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 328

    Chapter 328: She Taught Well?

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    While Little Treasure did not look like he fully understood her, he nodded without any doubt.

    Ning Xi cleared her throat and started explaining, "The Five Animal Play Qigong is separated into five different plays: bear, tiger, deer, monkey, and bird. Each of them has a different effect on its own, and well start learning one by one. Firstly is the bear play. This set of actions has an effect of regulating your spleen and stomach"

    Observing this from the control room, Lu Chongshan was surprised, "This little girl, she even knows the Five Animal Play Qigong?"

    "Five Animal Play Qigong? Isnt that the set of aerobics youve been trying to teach Little Treasure?" Yan Ruyi asked.

    Lu Chongshan nodded, saying unhappily, "Even if that little girl really knows how to do it, she must be half-baked in it. She had better not teach Little Treasure the wrong thing! This Five Animal Play Qigong was passed down by the legendary healer Hua Tuo, and it is very beneficial to those who practise it, but the motions must be correct for the effects to take place. Ive been trying to teach Little Treasure, but"

    But Little Treasure did not even interact with him, much less learn anything from him.

    Yan Ruyi got a bit worried as well, and she voiced out her concern, "Lets get someone to stop them. Itd be bad if we let her teach something half-baked."

    Lu Chongshan nodded in agreement, "Ill get Xing Wu to go over now!"

    He grabbed the walkie-talkie and pushed the talking button, "Hey, Xing Wu"

    "Master Im here, whats your order?"

    "Get over to"Lu Chongshan stopped halfway, shocked when he looked at the monitor screen.

    "Master Master?"

    Lu Chongshan was still staring at the screen, when he just told him, "Never mind, its nothing already."

    He cut off the walkie-talkie.

    "What happened?" Yan Ruyi asked, not understanding.

    Lu Chongshan coughed softly, with an unnatural expression, "Let her teach him."

    It was Yan Ruyis turn to be shocked, and she asked in surprise, "You mean she is teaching it well?"

    Lu Chongshan watched the girl on the screen and vaguely answered, "It was okay."

    Yan Ruyi stared at her husband. Okay? Was it okay or was it great?

    She knew that with her husbands personality, even if it was just a little flawed, he would never have let the girl teach Little Treasure.

    Under their supervision, Ning Xi broke the moves down and taught Little Treasure in detail.

    "Do you know how to do it now?"

    Little Treasure nodded.

    "Good! Then well do it again from the start!"

    Little Treasure followed her instructions, performing the whole set of actions smoothly. Because he was still little, he looked really cute doing the animal actions.

    Ning Xi happily clapped, "Little Treasure, you are awesome! You learn really fast! If possible, practise this once every day from today onwards, okay?"

    Little Treasures eyes sparkled when he was praised, and he nodded enthusiastically.

    "Baby is the best!"

    Yan Ruyi looked at her husband, "What do you think?"

    Lu Chongshan was deep in thought, with a dark face, "Dont forget that shes an actress so she could easily fool us. She might have predicted that we would monitor her secretly. Maybe she prepared all this beforehand!"

    Yan Ruyi nodded, "Then lets observe a while more."

    Time flew, and evening came.

    Ning Xi held hands with Little Treasure, as they sat on the swings and watched the sunset together. There was one thing that Ning Xi had had on her mind for a long time. She had been thinking about it when she got here as well. Seeing that she had to leave soon, she could not hold it in anymore and said to Little Treasure, "Little Treasure, Aunty has something to discuss with you"