Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Be In The Way And Do Nothing

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She did not expect for her first endorsement job to happen this way, and she was shocked.

"Whatthis works?"

Jing Muye cheekily replied her, "Why not? You ought to be grateful to me! If it were not for me, you wouldn't have gotten this."

"Fine, fine, all credit to you."

Ling Zhizhi continued with the specific details, "The game company requested for you and Jiang Muye together, and because youre still new, your endorsement fee isnt much, only a million, so in the end youd get about three hundred thousand dollars."

"Three hundred thousand! That much?"

She had never really pay attention to her profit sharing on the contract before. Usually for newcomers it was around 20% profit, and the fact that she was getting around 40% was a very good deal from the company. The devil really had helped her out on this

Jiang Muye snorted disrespectfully, "Useless! You're placated with just three hundred thousand?"

"Then how much are you getting?" Ning Xi asked out of curiosity.

"Not much, just three million. If it werent for you, I wouldnt even think about an endorsement this cheap!"

Ning Xi gritted her teeth, "Damn it are you asking for a punch to your face?"

Ling Zhizhi handed over the contract to the each of them, "I've only gathered you here for this. Here is the contract - look through it, and if there arent any problems, then put your signature in."

Jiang Muye signed it without even looking through the contents. Ning Xi quickly skimmed through and signed it as well.

Ling Zhizhi checked through the documents and nodded at them, "Alright, you guys can leave now, just leave the rest to me. Since the both of you are taking the same endorsement, Ive discussed with bro Ming and I'll now be handling this endorsement, I will inform you two about the related arrangements later on."

"Okay, thanks sis Zhizhi!"


After leaving the office.

Jiang Muye hesitated for a few moments, but still asked anyway, "Did something happen the other day when you took a full day of leave?"

"Uh, something happenedbut not reallyanyway its all good now!"

"It has something to do with Lu Tingxiao again, right?"

His mouth twitched a little, "Even my mother heard about it!"

Ning Xi looked blank in the eye, "Ah? Your mother? What did she hear?"

"She says my grandmother, who is Lu Tingxiaos mother has been talking to her about arranging a blind date for Lu Tingxiao. They seem to be busy picking candidates recently! My mother cancelled all her plans and has been helping the old madam pick her daughter-in-law!"


Jiang Muye stared at her, "That's all you have to say, just "oh"?"

Ning Xi stared back, "What else can I do? Be in the way and do nothing?"

Jing Muye gave her an annoyed look.

As the both of them were talking, a passionate voice interrupted, "Xiao Ye!"

They both looked up and saw two women walking towards them. One of them was Zhao Meixin who wore a gorgeous outfit, and the lady who called out to Jiang Muye was wearing a light purple long dress from Chanel's latest fall season. She looked very elegant in that outfit, and in her eyes there was a great sense of pride.

Su Yimo

The face that everyone knew, so naturally Ning Xi recognized her almost instantly.

Speaking of which, while she had signed her contract with Glory World for quite a long time, this was the first time that she met her

"Xiao Ye, its been some time since I last saw you in the company. Here for business?" Su Yimo asked concernedly, in a tone of seniority.