Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Troublesome Exes

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"Thats not right, I must be seeing it wrong" Luckily, without waiting for Ning Xi to respond, the reporter took back his question.

It was probably because he remembered that Ning Xi was an artiste under Starlight, so how could the personal stylist to Su Yimo from Glory World Entertainment possibly style her?

Ning Xi let out a sigh of relief. Afraid they would continue asking similar questions, she opened her mouth first to say, "Today is the opening ceremony for , everyone should ask questions related to the drama!"

"That, Miss Ning, if I may ask, is this your first drama?" someone from the crowd asked.

"Of course not, I already started acting when I was in university, but I didnt have many scenes, so no one recognizes me," Ning Xi answered honestly, not at all minding that her rsum was rather lacking.

Any reporter could dig out her past if they tried, so why not respond humbly?

"What kind of roles has Miss Ning played in the past?"

It was a very normal question, but a bit awkward for Ning Xi. However, since it had already been asked, she couldnt not reply.

"Some of the roles Ive done" Ning Xi began listing all the roles shed played since returning to the country from overseas.

When she had been studying overseas for the past four years, she had spent nearly all her free time acting. She had had a few roles in quite a number of well-known dramas and films. Considering that countries abroad usually disliked using Chinese actors, for her to have such a rsum was really not easy.

The reason she avoided bringing up her overseas acting experiences was because of her relationship history from that time

Although it had been nothing immoral and had just been normal dating, the identities of her ex-boyfriends stood out too much.

Right now, what she needed most was a role that she could publicly lay claim to. If her debut was shrouded by gossip about her previous relationships, the public focus on her personal life might give her a moments popularity, but would stunt the potential growth of her career.

Ning Xi tried hard to recall all the roles she had done since her return to the country, but the reporters were speechless at the list.

These roles were rather ah

A mistress, fox spirit, demoness, country bumpkin, brain-dead eldest miss, even an evil old woman

For such a beauty, why did she have this kind of preferences?

Why did she like these sorts of roles?

In the end, someone finally asked, "Why are all your roles of villains?"

Ning Xi obviously couldnt point her finger at Chang Li in an event like this, so she replied blandly, "I never really noticed. Acting is what I love doing most, and every character, every role has its own charm, whether theyre small roles or big ones."

The reporters asked several more decent questions, and even without the guidance of a manager, Ning Xi answered all of them perfectly.

Guo Qisheng nodded his head as he watched. "This girl is not bad! With such quality and intelligence, why has she only come this far after being in this industry for a year Old Wang, what do you think?"

The producer, Wang Taihe, said heavily, "Either the upper echelons of Starlight Entertainment are blind, or"

Trailing off, he gave Director Guo a knowing look.

Clearly, someone in Starlight was purposely suppressing her exposure.

Director Guo looked sympathetic. "What a pity for such a promising seedling!"

"If its gold, itll shine eventually. If not, doesnt she have you?" Wang Taihe laughed.

At that moment, Ning Xueluos nails were digging into her palms; her face twisted at this intolerable scene.

When shed had Chang Li deliberately notify Ning Xi of the ceremony just an hour before it would start, shed never imagined that not only was she not late and did not make a fool out of herself, she had even arrived looking flawless enough to stun everyone.

Damn it, the outfit Ning Xi was wearing was worth several millions. Where did she get that much money?

Clothes could be rented, but then who had styled her?

I actually underestimated that country bumpkin!