Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Are You Sure This Is Mine?

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Ning Xi was stunned, staring at the other half of the handcuff cuffed on Lu Tingxiaos wrist.

Looking at the pink handcuffs, Ning Xi burst out in fury, "Lu Tingxiao, youve crossed the line! How dare you use such a disgusting thing?"

Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows slightly, "Are you sure this is mine?"

"If not? It couldnt be mine, could it?"

She felt something was odd.

Suddenly, she noticed that these handcuffs looked really familiar

"Ugh, why does this look like the one I bought for $9.90 from Taobaos sex toy shop, the one I bought to beat up Jiang Muye?"

She did not even remember where she had left this and she had not given a thought to it when she was leaving earlier.

She felt like kicking herself for putting herself in this situation.

It was impossible to get away this time since they were handcuffed together. Where else could she go?

Seeing how he had cuffed himself together with the girl, and looking at her fiery expression, Lu Tingxiao knew that she could not run away this time. He started relaxing and caressing the girls hair, like a lion preparing to enjoy his prey slowly

Ning Xi really ran out of ideas as she gave him her death stare. She thought about resorting to attack him with her headbutt if all else failed, then at most the both of them would pass out...

Lu Tingxiao got closer and closer. Just a few centimeters before making contact, Ning Xi prepared to butt heads, but it was at that moment that Lu Tingxiao suddenly slumped his face into the pillow instead

Ning Xi was confused.

She had not even headbutt him yet, how had he just fainted?

The devil had so many tricks up his sleeves that Ning Xi did not dare act carelessly. Three minutes passed by and a steady sound of breathing followed. Ning Xi turned over to see what had happened.

She saw Lu Tingxiao had his eyes shut, and he was fast asleep...

He had fallen asleep

She had been scared to death and he had fallen asleep?!

Ning Xi observed his face closely, paleness and and fatigue written all over his face. One side of his face and the corner of his mouth looked a little red and swollen, as though he had gotten a slap from someone

Who had dared to slap the devil?

Without much wondering, it must have been the devils father

Back then, he had made Ning Xi push all the blame onto him. Who knew if his dad had done something to him after she had left?

She also realized that he had lost a lot of weight

Oh crap!

If she continued lying on the bed with Lu Tingxiao like this, it might not turn out very well! She had nearly zero self-restraint in front of this man

Which was precisely why she had been avoiding him, to prevent situations like this, to prevent herself from getting soft for him...


The door slammed open just as Ning Xi started to feel anxious.

It was Lu Jingli who appeared, "Bro, I have something urgentugh"

"Second master! Please help me!" Ning Xi grabbed her chance and asked for help.


Lu Jingli shut the door quickly and left, as if he had not just appeared...