Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Godly Fire Extinguisher

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"Mr. Lu, I didnt mean it that way. If your intention was for me to spend more time with Little Treasure, I can come over more often, as a friend." Ning Xi said.

"Are you rejecting me?" Lu Chongshans face darkened.

Not knowing if it was because of Lu Tingxiao's presence beside her, even under Father Lus terrifying pressure, she was still brave enough to say, "Yes".

"Youre being ridiculous!"

Lu Chongshan was always above everyone else and he was used to everyone obeying him, which explained why he could not handle a little artiste rejecting his offer. He exploded right there and then.

Lu Tingxiao kept silent and put his hand on Ning Xis chair. While he did not say anything, his assumed a protective pose.

When Lu Tingxiao came closer to her, Ning Xi relaxed.

The talk came to a stalemate. The smooth talking Lu Jingli could not wait anymore and said, "Father, wheres your logic? Xiao Xi just had to say "Yes, I do" to brother and she would have the whole Lu family to herself, but if she doesnt even want to become my sister-in-law, do you think shed care about the money?"

Lu Chongshan was infuriated as he slammed the table loudly, "You bastard, are you forcing me to use the family punishment!?"

"You always threaten us with the family punishment every time you lose an argument" Lu Jingli mumbled softly.

With both of his sons not on his side, he became increasingly angry that point. As he was going to start yelling again, he felt a soft pat on his back.

He turned around and saw Little Treasure patting his back with his tiny hands. It seemed like he was comforting him to not be angry as it was unhealthy.

Such a godly fire extinguisher, what kind of flame of anger would still survive?

Lu Chongshan was relieved instantly by the child's gesture, which worked better than any heavenly medicine. He said kindly, "My sweet child, youre worried about grandpa, arent you?"

Lu Jingli saw his fathers gentle attitude towards Little Treasure and felt jealous, as he said, "Wow, why havent I seen you treat me this kindly before? What a huge difference! Why am I the lowest ranking person in this family? Am I really your biological son?!"

Annoyed, Lu Chongshan replied, "Wait till you get married and bear me some grandchildren, then well talk about your place in the family!"

Lu Jingli cheekily replied, "Bye bye! I guess Ill just stay here at the lowest level!" The price to pay for getting a higher status in the family was just too high for him.

Suddenly, the sound of a phone ringing interrupted the conversation.

Ning Xi quickly took out her phone to see that it was Xiao Tao. Only then did she realize that she was already half an hour late.

Ning Xi answered the call in a low voice, "Hey Xiao Tao"

"Hello, Sister Xi, why arent you here yet? Weve started shooting and the director is urging everyone to gather! I went to your room but no one answered the door! Where are you?"

"Ugh, I had something urgent to handle, Im still currently on the east coast, and the soonest I can get there would take about an hour. Please help me explain and apologize to the director!"

After ending the call, Ning Xi stood up and prepared to leave.

"Thank you for having me here, but I still have some work to do, I need to leave first."

She looked at at her little bun and reluctantly left.