Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Opening Ceremony

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The opening ceremony of .

The cast and crew were all there; lights flashed repeatedly, the paparazzi amassed like clouds, and a large group of fans hovered on the fringes.

The majority of the fans were around the main female lead actress, Ning Xueluo, and the main male lead actor, Zhao Sizhou.

One was Starlights precious leading lady, the other was an Academy Award winner. Such a good-looking and striking pair was bound to attract a lot of attention.

"Xueluo, we all know that this is the second time that you and Sizhou will be playing a couple on screen. Do you think you could fall for him in real life?"

"Haha, Sizhou is very attractive, but its not possible, because I dont have any more space in my heart for him!"

All the reporters went into a frenzy at her words.

A year ago, Ning Xueluo had publicly announced that she had a boyfriend, and everyone had scrambled to find more information. In the end, they found out that the other party was the son of Su Hongguang, the CEO of Yifeng Corporation. He had status, money, and looks. He was practically perfect, and everyone else couldnt help but feel envious.

The fans felt sad, but the fans of today were no longer like those in the past who would get upset over their idols dating and getting married. The majority nowadays wished for their idol to find a good partner.

Ning Xueluos popularity hadnt suffered even after she revealed her relationship status; on the contrary, she maintained her fame through topics like "Handsome Rich Boyfriend" and "A Winner at Life".

Beside her, Zhao Sizhou also knew how to respond. He immediately clutched his chest, acting like his heart was in pain. "Miss Shangguang, you are truly ruthless. This prince has already given his heart only to you!"

For the movie, Ning Xueluo was going to play the female lead Shangguang Yingrong while Zhao Sizhou had been cast in the role of the prince.

The reporters loudly laughed as they teased Zhao Sizhou. The atmosphere was very lively.

After the leading actor and actress, the next person everyone looked forward to seeing the most was the actress for the supporting female lead. A group of people surrounded Guo Qisheng.

"Director Guo, how come we dont see the actress for Meng Changge? Will she come today?"

"Of course she will."

"According to some rumors, Jia Qingqings audition wasnt successful because you felt that she wasnt beautiful enough, is that true?"

They were clearly trying to stir up trouble with such a question.

But Director Guo wasnt new to this game, and his reply was flawless. "Its true that physical beauty is a very high requirement for the role of Meng Changge, but its definitely not the only standard we were looking at. Jia Qingqings appearance wasnt the issue, she just unfortunately didnt have the aura we were looking for."

"I heard that the actress for Meng Changge is a rookie, is that correct? Your standards for the role of Meng Changge are so high, can this rookie completely meet all expectations?"

What was going on today? Were there not enough red packets? The reporters questions were becoming more pointed, all of them targeted at the second female lead.

"This question can wait until the movie is out, everyone please look forward to it!

But the reporters wouldnt let go of the issue, and asked aggressively, "Director Guo, is the actress for Meng Changge prettier than Jia Qingqing?"

When was it going to end?

Yes! She was far prettier than Jia Qingqing!

So what if Jia Qingqing is the kind of beauty that comes once every hundred years, once you see Ning Xi, lets see if you still dare bring up Jia Qingqing again!

"This, everyone is unique, unique in their own way wait til she gets here, then youll know"

Director Guo was getting impatient with the questioning when at that moment, a figure appeared at the start of the red carpet. His gaze was frozen for three seconds, before he came out of his reverie, and laughed. "Speak of the devil!"