Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Stunned

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"Bro!" Lu Jingli was shocked, "Are you okay?!"

Lu Chongshan looked at his son, unable to react immediately. Since they were young, Lu Jingli had been hit countless times, but this was the first time he had laid a hand on his older son who never needed any worrying about.

Lu Tingxiao wiped the blood off on the corner of his mouth with his hand and said with the coldest expression, "I'd rather let Little Treasure die in that accident than let him live the way he does right now."

"" Father Lu grasped at his chest and walked back several steps, feeling faint from the provocation.

Mother Lu quickly went forward to hold him, "Tingxiao, your words have crossed the line! Even if your father and I have been wrong with the way we do this, you should not say such rubbish! What is more important than being alive?"

When Lu Chongshan finally caught his breath, he ordered his trusted butler, "Xing Wu, you go...I don't where Little Treasure is now. Immediately look for him and bring him back to me!"

Once he said that, he shot his sons a hostile look and said, "The two of you, from now on, you're not allowed to enter the old residence!"

When he heard that, Lu Jingli protested anxiously, "Father, this is dictatorship! Even Emperor Qin Shihuang was not like you! If you're like this..."

He was about to continue complaining when Lu Tingxiao glared at him to stop talking.

Helpless, Lu Jingli could only swallow his words.

This was akin to the unbothered king with an anxious eunuch. At this point, did his brother actually have a Plan B up his sleeve?

There was no need for the old man to get people searching for Little Treasure because in a while, Ning Xi would be sending the little bun home herself. Later when both parties met, what a blood bath it would be...

He didn't even dare to imagine!

Indeed, just as Xing Wu followed orders and was ready to mobilize all manpower to look for the little guy, a maid rushed in and exclaimed emotionally, "Master! Madam! Little Master is back! He's at the door in the garden!"

"What? Little Treasure is back?" Lu Chongshan briskly stood up, before asking with an unhappy expression, "Who is little master with?"

"With...with a girl...she's quite pretty..." The maid answered as she trembled.

"Indeed! I would like to see for myself, what skills this girl has that all of you defend her so kindly."

At this point, Lu Chongshan's impression of Ning Xi was ten feet underground. She was to him, the root of all troubles.

Mother Lu initially remained neutral, yet after such a fright, she too stood on Father Lu's side.

Father and Mother Lu, plus Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli, with a large group of butlers and maids, all made their way to the door in the garden...

At the same time, Ning Xi was worriedly calling Lu Jingli's phone. She thought she saw a maid spying on her from inside the house, as if she had noticed her and Little Treasure, and she wondered if anything had happened...

Damn it, why can't I get through to Lu Jing's phone? What is this guy doing?

As she was increasingly anxious, pacing up and down, Ning Xi suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

She saw an extremely intimidating old man with a serious and darkened expression, held by a charismatic and young looking madam, who was followed by Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao, with a large group of butlers and maids trailing behind.

All of these people were making their way towards her...

Ning Xi was stunned.

God! Damn! It!

Lu Jingli, you ass, what is happening right now!?!