Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 293

Chapter 293: The Little Bun Was Dumbfounded

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Maybe it was because she had suppressed her feelings for too long. Even with the little bun in front of her, and despite knowing that she should not act this way as it might frighten him, she really could not hold it in any longer...

The little bun sat on the bedside and stared at Ning Xi who cried with her face down on her pillow. He was dumbfounded, his eyes wide with helplessness and panic.

After a while later, he tried using his little hand to pat Aunty Xiao Xi, the same way she usually did when comforting him.

Yet, as he lightly patted her a little, Ning Xi suddenly started to cry harder.

ittle bun was frightened, he dared not do anything that might provoke her further.

His little eyes were full of worry as he watched Ning Xi sob her heart out. Slowly, he felt his eyes tear up and he felt like crying too.

But no, he must not cry!

Aunty Xiao Xi still needed him!

Little bun blinked away his tears and took out a little handphone from his pocket.

Actually he really hated such lifeless objects, he didn't like that he could only contact his Aunty Xiao Xi through it, so he refused to use it.

He wanted Aunty Xiao Xi to be able to hug him, to pat him on the head, and to kiss his little cheeks...

This was the first time in the past few days that the little bun made the initiative to use the new phone that Lu Tingxiao had prepared for him.

Little bun quickly sent a message to his father saying [Crying]

Lu family old residence, in the study room on the second floor. Lu Tingxiao, who was sitting in front of his desk, immediately stood up after reading Little Treasure's message, and almost spilt the cup of water in his hand.

He quickly replied: [Who's crying? Aunty Xiao Xi?]

Little Treasure replied: [Mmm]

Lu Tingxiao immediately knew why Ning Xi was crying.

However, he was clueless as to what to do when he faced his son's call for help.

As to how to cheer up a crying girl, he really did have no experience at all.

Lu Tingxiao switched his computer on and started to do all sorts of research.

After Little Treasure messaged him twice, Lu Tingxiao hurriedly sent a picture to Little Treasure. It was an image of a joke. He typed: [Try telling her this]

Little Treasure quickly showed Aunty Xiao Xi the image, his little face full of unsettled worry.

Ning Xi lifted her tear-filled face and looked at the words on the phone, "A long long time ago, Apple and Pear were good friends. But because Apple had to move, they made a pact to meet somewhere in ten years'time. After ten years, Apple returned to their meeting spot, but he waited for very long and Pear did not appear. As the Apple waited and waited...he became plasma [1]."

"Pfft!" Ning Xi burst out laughing through her tears, and started to laugh uncontrollably, "My dear, your's too lame!"

In fact, the joke weirdly gave her a familiar vibe, oozing of a certain person's style.

"I'm sorry, baby, Aunty just suddenly lost control...I'm going to wash my face now!" Ning Xi awkwardly sniffed and walked to the washroom, embarrassed.

She could not believe herself. She had wanted to cheer up Little Treasure, yet she had cried like a baby in front of him. In the end, Little Treasure had to console her instead...

When Ning Xi was in the washroom, Little Treasure secretly replied back: [She laughed]

Lu Tingxiao, who was waiting anxiously on the other end of the phone, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Later, he worriedly reminded his son again: [Still remember what I told you?]

He felt relieved when Little Treasure replied with an [Mmm].

All of a sudden, the study room door burst open. It was Lu Jingli who rushed in with an ashen face, as if the apocalypse had arrived.

"Bro! We're dead! The old man came back earlier than expected! In fact, he's already at the door right now!!!"

Translator's Note:

[1] In Chinese, wait for pear () is phonetically similar to plasma ().