Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 291

    Chapter 291: My Wife Is A Beauty

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    Ah Ka put out his cigarette as he watched Ning Xi make her way forward with no sense of urgency, and rolled up his sleeves to exclaim, "Jesus! You're fooling us. At what speed were you riding that? Why're you riding my precious ride like any other rides? Are you looking down on me?"

    He finally beat Xi once, yet there was not a tinge of pride in his success. Instead, he was laughed at by everyone, even worse than losing.

    "Exactly, Xi, you're too mean! We've all been waiting for you here for at least half an hour now!"

    "Xi, you're so annoying! You made me lose a kiss, but I won't honour it. Ah Ka didn't even win it fairly! You must compete again before I'll be convinced!"

    "Sure, we can compete again, I'm not afraid! I want to beat him fair and square!"


    Everyone started to speak over one another while Ning Xi did not say a word, as she took of her helmet, got off the vehicle, let the ride lean steadily on the side and slowly carried Little Treasure who was on the back seat.

    "Eh? Xi, what's on your backseat?"

    "Why does it look like a kid? Xi, you didn't kidnap him, did you? You can't do such immoral things okay!"

    "Exactly! Xi, you're usually so secretive. It wouldn't be because you're from a children trafficking organisation, are you?"

    Ning Xi took the helmet off Little Treasure, rolled her eyes at everyone, and angrily replied, "Please! This is my son!"

    "What??? Xi, you have a son!?" Xiang Xiang looked like her world was crumbling. "You actually have a son this old, no way!"

    "Jesus! Xi is actually married? And even has a son?"

    Suddenly, everyone surrounded the little boy beside Ning Xi.

    The happiest person then was definitely Ah Ka. He was so angry earlier but now he felt overjoyed, "Xi, my good bro! You're amazing! You even have a little one! Good one! Look at your precious son with his big eyes. You better be honest with us, your wife must be a beauty right?"

    "Mmm, my wife..." Ning Xi touched her chin and thought about Lu Tingxiao's ice cold face and said, "is indeed beautiful!"

    Ah Ka suddenly burst out laughing, "Hahaha...I knew it! Xiang Xiang, you can give up now!"

    Xiang Xiang stomped her feet and whined as she clung onto Ning Xi, "I don't believe you! Xi, is your wife as pretty as me? You don't like me at all? You even let me kiss you!"

    The moment Xiang Xiang got close to Ning Xi, she abruptly felt her back go cold. She looked down and saw that the cute kid was looking at her with ice cold eyes, akin to a little werewolf who was defending its territory.

    Ning Xi cleared her throat before she picked up Little Treasure and comforted him.

    The moment the little guy was carried by Ning Xi, he changed from a little werewolf back to a cute little bun again. His short little hand clung onto Ning Xi's neck while his head leaned on her shoulders obediently.

    Ning Xi comforted the little bun on one hand and looked apologetically at Xiang Xiang on the other hand and said, "I'm sorry, Xiang Xiang, those were just the rules of the game. If I had led you on in any way, I'm truly sorry. I've only got eyes for my son's mother, she is the only one I will love the most forever!"

    Ning Xi hopped on this good opportunity to let Xiang Xiang give up on her.