Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 289

    Chapter 289: A Midnight Date

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    Lu Jingli sighed, "The psychologist has mentioned this as well, but Little Treasure wouldn't even move away from the old residence at all. I'm guessing he must have been waiting for you to take him home!"

    When Ning Xi heard this, she felt her heart tighten.

    "The only thing is, letting you take Little Treasure away is too heavy of a decision, one that I don't dare to casually allow..."

    Lu Jingli was just thinking about what to do when his phone suddenly rang.

    It was a message from his brother

    [If she wants to take Little Treasure away, let her]

    Woah! His brother had accurately guessed Xiao Xi Xi's thoughts again! He was caught off guard again.

    Once he had received the decree, Lu Jingli changed his stand and said, "Xiao Xi Xi, just take him away! Bring Little Treasure anywhere, it's fine! I'll leave it to you now!"

    Seeing him change his mind faster than flipping a page, Ning Xi was suspicious, "Didn't you just say that the decision was too heavy and you didn't want to easily say yes to me?"

    Lu Jingli only replied matter-of-factly, "I really didn't dare to casually say yes to you, but now I've thought it over properly, so it wasn't too casual a decision. I'm seriously telling you, yes!"

    Ning Xi was speechless, then she said, "You can rest assured, I'll bring Little Treasure back before tomorrow morning."

    "You can do that, but it's already late at night, where do you plan to bring Little Treasure?"

    "What's wrong with it being at night? It's more romantic to relax at night!" Ning Xi shot him a condescending look, implying that he was shallow. Then she took out her cosmetics bag and started putting on makeup.

    Technically, it was a disguise.

    Practice made perfect. Ning Xi very quickly made up her face to take on a futuristic sci-fi robot look. Then, she put on her short-haired wig and earrings.

    Ning Xi's skin now looked like there was no flesh underneath, but as if it were made of metal and steel. She looked very cool.

    Lu Jingli watched this with astonishment and exclaimed, "Xiao Xi Xi! Why did you make your face look like this? It's really cool though! You look like our Robot Butler 1!"

    Ning Xi sprung a finger onto him. "This is a skill that all actors must master if they want to maintain a free soul!"

    "Pfft, this skill ain't bad. Even if you stood on the busy streets, no one would recognise you!" As Lu Jingli said this, he noticed that when Ning Xi was putting on her makeup, Little Treasure's empty eyes started to react, and he was staring at Ning Xi.

    When Ning Xi was done with her makeup, she reached to grab Little Treasure from under his armpits, and lightly carried him to sit on her lap. Then she picked up the makeup tools again.

    Lu Jingli raised his brows at this and asked, "Even Little Treasure needs makeup?"

    "To be safe! Little Treasure's handsome little face is going to attract more attention than mine, okay? Besides, making him up like me, wouldn't that be cool? Don't worry, these makeup are organic, they're not harmful to the skin," she explained before starting to work on Little Treasure.

    Little Treasure sat obediently in Ning Xi's lap without moving an inch, as though he was the most perfect little model.

    Ning Xi got it all done very quickly within five minutes.

    "Wah! So handsome! I want makeup too!" Lu Jingli said with shining eyes.

    Ning Xi scoffed, "You stay aside, don't ruin the dynamic between Little Treasure and I!"

    Lu Jingli squatted aside, feeling defeated.

    "Fine, since you've helped me and Little Treasure so much, I'll help you make your face up next time when I'm free! Now, I've to take this cutie out!!"

    "Okay I'll hold you to your word, yeah, you're not allowed to break your promise. I'll pre-book my makeup for Halloween with you then!"

    "No problem!"

    Lu Jingli was satisfied, then he quietly led Little Treasure and Ning Xi out of the garden.