Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 28

    Chapter 28: Overbearing CEO

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    "This is the first time Little Treasure has drawn a portrait," Lu Tingxiao noted after glancing at the drawing Ning Xi was holding.

    "Really? Then Im honored!" Ning Xi was pleased.

    "What do you want to eat in the afternoon?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    It seemed not just her living expenses, her food expenses were also covered.

    Just when Ning Xi was about to reply, her cellphone suddenly rang.

    Chang Li was calling.

    Did she arrange another minor role for her?

    "Hello, Sister Chang."

    "Ning Xi, the opening ceremony for will be held at noon at Pearl Hotel. Dont be late."

    "What? Noon? Today at noon?"

    "Thats right. Today."

    "Sister Chang, why didnt you tell me earlier? Its already almost eleven!"

    "What do you mean earlier? Arent I telling you an hour early now?"

    "One hour might not be enough time for me to get there, not to mention I still have to dress and do my makeup"

    "Thats your problem, not mine. Im busy, so Im hanging up now."

    As soon as she finished speaking, the line was cut off.

    "Chang Li! F*** your grandpa!" Ning Xi threw her phone.

    In the silence that followed, Ning Xi froze.

    Little Treasure froze.

    Lu Tingxiao also froze.

    Ning Xi wiped her face, hating herself and wanting to dig a hole to hide in.

    She had been too impulsive, forgetting that she was in the Lu residence and there was even a precious child present

    She didnt care about acting like a well-bred lady in front of Lu Tingxiao, but it wouldnt be good if Little Treasure learned anything bad from her.

    "Cough cough, Little Treasure, lets pretend you didnt hear anything just now! You cant copy Auntie and scold people like that, because the one Auntie was scolding isnt even a person!" Ning Xi explained seriously.

    Little Treasure blinked a few times, and then nodded like he understood.

    A flash of amusement flickered in Lu Tingxiaos eyes. "What happened?"

    Ning Xi clenched her jaw. "The opening ceremony for is at noon. Its nearly eleven and my manager only told me about it just now. It takes at least fifty minutes to get to Pearl Hotel from here. Am I supposed to appear on camera bare-faced?"

    "Why not? Youre pretty enough as it is."

    Ning Xi was stunned for a moment. She never thought Lu Tingxiao would say such words, and she shook her head embarrassedly. "Cough, I thank Master Xiao for his praise but for these sort of events, its only polite to be dressed properly. Most importantly, I dont have anything appropriate to wear, and there will be a lot of paparazzi there. Ahhh, so frustrating"

    "Wait a moment." Lu Tingxiao raised his hand to let her know not to worry, and then carried his cellphone to the courtyard to make a call.

    Ten minutes later, a person rushed over, gasping for breath.

    "CEO Lu, the things you wanted are all here. Do we start now?" The person who had arrived was wearing ripped jeans and a grey cotton top; there was a very striking dark blue piercing in his left ear.

    Ning Xi was startled to find that this person looked very familiar.

    Of course, what Ning Xi meant by familiar was that she knew him, but he did not know her.

    This was Arthur, the person under Glory World Entertainment known as the Godly Hand, and personal stylist to the queen of films, Su Yimo.

    This was someone so famous, a small fry like her could only admire him from afar!

    "This is?" Ning Xis face was filled with suspicion.

    "You dont recognize him?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    "This is the famous Arthur, of course I recognize him! I meant why did you call him over"

    "Naturally, hes here to style you," Lu Tingxiao said matter-of-factly.

    Dark lines appeared on Ning Xis forehead as she moved closer to whisper in his ear, "You you would actually make Glory Worlds people style me? Are you kidding! Dont you know Im an artiste under Starlight Entertainment? Glory World Entertainment and Starlight Entertainment are practically enemies!"

    "So what?" Lu Tingxiao wore an overbearing CEOs expression.