Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 276

    Chapter 276: My Handsome Xi

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    As soon as Ah Ka finished his announcement, he smiled giddily and walked up to Xiang Xiang. "Xiang Xiang, wait for me, tonight your kiss is definitely mine!"

    Xiang Xiang rolled her eyes at him with a look of disgust, and then walked up to the skulled-faced youth, clinging onto him, "Xi, you cant lose, okay? I hate those guys, I only like you!"

    When it came to Tang Xi, she would be more than willing, even if it was just a one night stand

    "Hey, Xiang Xiang, youre a little biased, arent you? Why do you hate us and only like Xi Zi?" The crowd started to get dispirited.

    Xiang Xiang put one hand on her waist and said, "Obviously its because Xi Zi is the most handsome!"

    Someone from the crowd shouted back, "Please! Every time he plays with us, he covers his face with such ridiculous makeup, How would you know if hes really handsome or not?"

    Xiang Xiang scoffed, "I just know! Handsomeness is not just about the face, youve gotta look at the charisma too, okay! What do you rogues understand?"

    "Fine, we dont understand! You better be careful of the day that Xi Zi comes bare-faced and scares you to tears with his ugliness!"

    "Who knows? Maybe if he was stripped naked, he might be a woman! Hahaha!"

    "You guys," listening to the guys ridicule her, Xiang Xiang became furious. She turned her head towards the skulled-faced youth who was familiarising himself with the car and said, "Xi, torture them all!"

    The youths lips curved into a smirk, and with a hand saluted, "Your wish is my command, my princess!"

    Xiang Xiang was so electrified and starstruck that she felt faint, "Ohh my Xi, youre so handsome!"

    On the side, Ah Ka jealously said through clenched teeth, "Pfft! This little punk, I knew youd try to act cool! Watch me defeat you today. The first place is definitely mine!"

    When the crowd was done fooling around, the midnight race finally officially began.

    Xiang Xiang picked up the starting gun and stood at the starting line, "Everyone, please get into your positions! Get set, ready, go!"

    At the crack of the gun, all the cars accelerated forward.

    "Xi, all the best! Ill be waiting for you at Death Valley!"

    Death Valley was true to its name because of the narrow and steep roads. It was a place where many accidents had happened. Yet, it was also a heaven for daredevils who indulged in extreme sports as hobbies.

    Ning Xi knew this group of people because when she first returned to the country and sped along the roads, they often had altercations but at last, they became friends.

    All these people were from the same racing club but Ning Xi only joined them to race illegally once in a while.

    However, as her job became increasingly busy, plus her meeting with Little Treasure and Lu Tingxiao later on, she did not need such extreme and dangerous sports to release and relieve her stress anymore.

    That was why it had been such a long time since she had gone out with them, until tonight, that was.

    Her nickname Tang Xi and her dressing up as a man was all for convenience. Especially with her current situation, she would have to be extra careful doing something like this.

    The sound of the car engine drumming against her ears and the strong wind howling past her as she sped through made her feel as if her soul was being elevated. She could feel the stress that was suppressing and suffocating her leave her body at that moment in time. Even if it was just a momentary relief and calm, it still led her to chase the thrill like a moth drawn to a flame

    "Xi Zi! If you dont mind, Im going to go ahead first!" Ah Ka mocked as he sped past her at a turning point, successfully overtaking her.

    Ning Xis lips curved up into a smile, not caring. She continued to follow her own momentum of driving, maintaining her spot at second place.

    Until the last round. The most dangerous round.