Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 266

    Chapter 266: What? Its A Kissing Scene?!

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    Whos here? Jiang Muye couldnt help but ask, his brows furrowing intensely.

    Zhang Rui rushed to explain to them, Later, Lu groups CEO Lu Tingxiao is coming over to observe the shoot. The director has gone to meet him. I dont think I need to further explain how important this shoot is, do I? Make sure that the both of you put on your best performance, okay?

    Ning Xi gasped, stunned, Lu Tingxiao? Assistant director, are you sure youre not mistaken? You mean Lu Jingli right?

    No, Im not mistaken! Lu Jingli is here too! Quickly go get ready! Zhang Rui hurriedly rushed off to alert the other crew members.

    Ning Xi turned to Jiang Muye and said, Blondie, did I just hear him wrongly? Did assistant director just say that Lu Tingxiao is coming over?

    No, you heard him perfectly. Just as I did! Jiang Muye said, as he started to look uneasy. Damn it! No wonder he kept having ominous premonitions, this was what was waiting for him!

    Zhang Rui swiftly cleared the set and dismissed all the crew members, before preparing chairs, drinks and an umbrella.

    They soon arrived. Leading the entourage was the charismatic Lu Tingxiao in a suit, followed closely by Lu Jingli, who was looking around. They were surrounded by the core members of the directing team, with Wang Taihe explaining profusely about the production teams progress.

    Guo Qisheng enthusiastically led them to the best viewing spot, Mr. Lu, Senior Vice President, please have a seat! Youve come on the right day. Todays shoot is an exciting one!

    Really? What is todays shoot all about? Lu Jingli popped a grape into his mouth, asking interestedly.

    Guo Qisheng started explaining what had gone on, and then, ...after the script was changed, now we are only left with this kissing scene that we are striving to achieve the best effect

    Uhh Lu Jingli started wiping the sweat of his face. What? A kissing scene?! We made it in time for the kissing scene. In fact, its probably the scene with the man-made rain! What luck is this?

    Lu Tingxiao seemed expressionless throughout it all, yet as he sat there, he had an air of arrogance, heeding no attention to anyone else.

    Guo Qisheng felt a little awkward. Thankfully, he had already heard about this CEOs temperament previously and was not moved by his apprehension. He continued, Ning Xi and Muyes acting skills are excellent, with such great chemistry. Their scenes are almost always a one take wonder!

    Guo Qisheng thought to himself, theres no harm in complimenting their own companys artistes, is there?

    Lu Tingxiao casually took the cup of tea that Lu Jingli was serving him, and said with a cold, distant tone, Is that so?

    Indeed! Im not sure if you saw the behind-the-scenes footage online, but even the two difficult scenes we shot yesterday were a one take Guo Qisheng continued as he felt a shiver run down his spine.

    Lu Jingli cleared his throat at this moment, in an attempt to interrupt, Thats enough, lets start.

    Okay, lets start now! said Guo Qisheng, relieved. Lights, props, cameras...everyone, please get ready! Actors, please be in position!

    The crew nervously prepared themselves, worried that anything might go wrong. After all, the big boss was here to inspect! Lu Tingxiao was a busy man. He did not have time to bother about the trivial matters of his smaller companies, much less personally observe what they were up to. This visit was something that he had never done before, and it was definitely an occasion to brag about!