Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 262

    Chapter 262: Do I Harvest This Carrot Or Not?

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    At this very moment, what was running through Lu Tingxiaos mind was radish.

    He recalled Ning Xis reminder to him the other day, Carrots and greens are preferred; those who like carrots, as perfect as greens may be, they would still not take a fancy to greens.

    At that point in time, he was confident that Ning Xi reciprocated his feelings. She was most likely just making up excuses, which was why he didnt pay much thought to her words, but now he had no choice but to acknowledge this problem.

    Maybe, he really was just considered to be greens, and was not her carrot

    Lu Jingli observed his brothers cold stare at the plate of carrots in front of him and a shiver went down his spine, Bro, are you okay?

    Why is he staring at a plate of carrots with such a murderous vibe?

    With a poker face, Lu Tingxiao pressed the bell to call for the butler, telling him to get rid of the carrots and to never serve such a vegetable on the dining table ever again.

    Lu Jingli, ...

    Lu Jingli was baffled. Even if he was a genius beyond comparison, he would still never be able to understand the thoughts of a man in love

    In the meantime, the man from Video City came to the hotel.

    Ning Xi had put on a face mask and was ready to hit the sack when her doorbell rang.

    Taking a peek at who was outside, Ning Xi exclaimed in shock, Jiang Muye? Why are you here?

    Im following a team too. I will be living on the floor above yours!

    Ning Xi was speechless, Im only following a team because I have too many scenes. What are you joining in the fun for?

    Im trying to save time so I can play more video games, cant I not? said Jiang Muye quite matter-of-factly.

    Fine! You win! Ning Xi showed a big thumbs up, then asked, So, why are you here and not playing your video games?

    Upon hearing this, Jiang Muye was unhappy. Play, my ass! The internet speed is so freaking slow that I lost five games in a row, I even lost levels! Quick, accompany me to the cyber cafe to play! Quick!

    Ning Xi said exasperatedly, Im not going to play with you. I was about to sleep!

    Its only slightly after 9 p.m., why are you sleeping?! Are you coming with me or not? Remember when youd call me at 3 a.m. for someone to faithfully accompany you? Do you remember who that someone was? Its only 9 p.m. now and I cant make you come with me anymore? Hehehe Jiang Muye smirked, judging his friend.

    Alas, the days of messing around had to be returned in favour someday!

    Ning Xi had no choice but to give in, Okay fine, Ill go, okay? Let me change my clothes first!

    Ten minutes later, both of them were changed into nondescript clothes, before entering a cyber cafe with masks on.

    Because this was Movie City, cyber cafes often had celebrities visiting, so the owner didnt find it weird to see two people with masks on at night. They were even let in without having their identification cards checked in detail.

    There were no more private rooms, so they had to find separate rooms to make do.

    It had been so long since she logged in to play video games that Ning Xi had forgotten her password. Uhh, blondie, whats my password again?

    Jiang Muye rolled his eyes at her and started typing away a series of possible passwords.

    Thanks! Ning Xi said as she clicked the Enter button to login.

    Once logged in, a bunch of system messages popped up non stop. Ning Xi lighted up at the sight of all the pop up windows, Woah! RKOI! Why did you send me so much skin? Its even limited edition!

    Jiang Muye was shocked when he heard this, Dude, I cant believe you havent seen the birthday present I got for you. How many days has it been! Havent you been logging in before this? No wonder you could forget your own password!

    Uhh Ning Xi knew it was her fault. She guiltily scratched her head and said, Im pretty busy okay!

    Jiang Muye pokered his face and replied, Thats just an excuse, you just dont care!