Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 26

    Chapter 26: Ning Xi, We Have Long Days Ahead of Us

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    "Cough cough cough" Ning Xi felt completely defeated by Lu Tingxiao and hurriedly said, "Im just kidding it was a joke"

    It seemed as if Lu Tingxiao was addicted to giving away keys, as he gave her yet another one. "Its not easy to catch cabs in this area, and going to work might be inconvenient for you, so you can drive this car."

    Ning Xi: ""


    She was only going to live here for a short time, why did she feel like a mistress?

    No, thats not right, if she was a mistress, she would be hidden away outside, not given the keys to the main residence, and even responsibility of a child

    Wow, this felt like being a newlywed

    Suddenly, she thought of the first time shed met Lu Tingxiao, and how he had abruptly proposed to her

    She thought that she understood everything about men, but the one standing before her was like a computer program with a top-notch firewall that she just couldnt hack.

    She didnt know whether agreeing to his request in a moment of sympathy and weakness was going to be a disaster or good fortune

    Little Treasures frame of mind that night was rather unstable, so as a precaution, Ning Xi slept beside him on the same bed.

    In the middle of the night.

    The door of the bedroom was pushed open gently and silently.

    Footsteps drew closer, and a man knelt by the side of the bed.

    In the soft, yellow light from the bedside lamp, the woman on the bed looked like she had been patting Little Treasure before drifting into sleep, her breathing shallow and expression warm. Her soft lips were like summer cherry blossoms, and slightly parted as if in unspoken invitation

    After a while, a dark shadow encroached on the faint light as the figure of a man crept closer

    He was only a breath away just a bit more, and their lips would touch. But abruptly he stopped himself, before leaving a cool kiss on the womans forehead.

    Ning Xi, we have long days ahead of us.

    The next morning.

    Ning Xi had thought at first that she wouldnt be able to sleep on an unfamiliar bed, but she had slept so well through the night without any dreams.

    When she woke, she realized that Little Treasure was already awake.

    The little guy was reading a book at her side in a serious manner, not making a single sound.

    He was clearly such a good child, she really couldnt imagine what the little bun was like when he threw a tantrum

    "Darling, good morning." Ning Xi sat up and greeted him warmly.

    Little Treasure looked up happily from his book. Though he didnt say anything and his expression seemed unchanged, Ning Xi could tell from his eyes how pleased he was.

    Amused, Ning Xi stretched out a hand to flick an unruly lock of hair away. "Today, Auntie doesnt need to work, so I can keep you company!"

    At her words, the little guy was so visibly happier, he even smiled a little.

    Ning Xi was practically bleeding out from all the cuteness. She couldnt help but squeeze his little cheeks. "Darling, smile more. You are too cute when you smile!"

    After showering, she went downstairs where breakfast had already been prepared.

    Ning Xi didnt see Lu Tingxiao, and none of the servants mentioned anything about waiting for him to eat, so she assumed he had already gone to work.

    After breakfast, Ning Xi was worried that she didnt really know how to take care of a child; what would she do if she didnt care for him properly

    In the end, her worries were for nothing.

    The whole morning, she was on the sofa looking at her script, while Little Treasure sat at a table next to her reading books or drawing. They didnt bother each other, but shared a harmonious air.

    The servants only appeared once the whole time to bring some dim sum and fruit. Their movements were very quiet and light, as if afraid to disturb him.

    It appeared Little Treasure especially liked peace and quiet.