Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 257

    Chapter 257: Abnormal Skill

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    "Cut "

    In one take!!!

    Everyone watching burst into applause;the reporters looked like they were about to clap their hands off.

    This scene was an action scene and also an emotional one, so it could be said to be very complex. Absolutely nobody expected it to be completed in one take, so everyone was very pleased and surprised.

    "God! Jiang Muye was just so cool! I thought acting as a weak doctor this time would ruin his image! In the end, it was such a surprise!"

    "Thats right, thats right! Jiang Muyes broken out of his stereotypical roles! I also feel that his acting this time has progressed a lot! I don't care about the male lead anymore, I only want to see more scenes of my Doctor Sun!"

    "Especially his last line just now, I am your man. Dont you think that was too moving? So deep with emotion!"

    "Me too, I feel the same. Before, when he said similar lines to other actresses in emotional scenes like this, I always felt something was missing. Now I finally understand, its feeling! Jiang Muye this time was acting with feeling!"

    Nearby, Guo Qisheng was so excited he was about to cry, and he hugged his assistant director.

    So touched!

    He never expected things to go this smoothly! The response from the reporters was also especially good!

    It was a brilliant start!

    In the lounge.

    Pleased with himself, Jiang Muye hmphed. "See? I told you there wouldnt be a problem! All of you were worried for nothing!"

    Ning Xi tutted disdainfully. "That was because your partner was this big sister. If it was someone else, with your shitty condition today, you dont believe you wouldnt have NG-ed at least twenty times?"

    "Stop flattering yourself! If it was someone else NG nineteen times at the most!"Jiang Muye said carelessly.

    Of course he knew it was because his partner was Ning Xi, which was the only reason why he could act without worry! He wasnt stupid!

    Ning Xis strongest ability wasnt just pressure acting, she was also able to instantly bring her partner into the story, and getting them to pass in one take.

    "Tch, Ning Xiao Xi, this skill of yours is really abnormal"

    "Youre the perverted one 1 !"

    As they were trading insults, Lei Ming and Lin Zhizhi walked in.

    Lei Ming was very excited, and he happily poured Jiang Muye a drink and gave him some snacks. "Not bad, not bad, you did great today, Muye! Totally exceeded my expectations! You must keep this up!"

    Seeing how Muye was being praised, Ning Xi wasnt happy, and she looked at Lin Zhizhi like a cheeky kid who wanted candy. "Sister Zhizhi, what about me, what about me?"

    Lin Zhizhi wasn't as excited as Lei Ming, but was obviously very satisfied. "Very nicely done, but don't get cocky, the next scene is the most important one for you."

    "Understood!" Ning Xi was already more than happy to get a "very nicely done".

    Nearby, Jiang Muye gave Lin Zhizhi a sideway glance before turning his head away to mutter, "Who would have thought, after all these years, the tigress would turn gentle! You were never this gentle with me!"

    At this time, Lin Zhizhi finally looked at him, and said emotionlessly, "Put yourself in my shoes, if you were me, would you be able to be gentle with yourself?"

    ""Jiang Muye choked.

    F***! Had he really been that much of an asshole back then?

    Seemed like he had been pretty bad and he was still an asshole now

    After thinking about it carefully, if he was Lin Zhizhi, he would really want to punch himself

    At this moment, the reporters outside were all anxious to interview Ning Xi and Jiang Muye, but were stopped by the director, who told them that they would be given enough time to do interviews after shooting was done, so everyone quietened down after that

    1. The word bian tai in Chinese can mean both abnormal and perverted.