Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 253

    Chapter 253: I Am Your Private Backer

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    "Meeting adjourned."

    With two words, Lu Tingxiao took up his phone and walked out of the meeting room.

    Ning Xi was waiting for Lu Tingxiao to text her a reply, and was startled when he directly called her back instead.

    Ning Xi let Xiao Tao know she was picking up a call, then hurriedly found an empty corner to do so.


    "I saw your text." Lu Tingxiao sounded happy.

    Ning Xi picked at the ceramic tiles on the wall with her fingernail. "Oh."

    When she had sent the text, she hadnt thought anything about it, but why did she now feel that something was off?

    "Jealous?" Lu Tingxiaos low, rough voice came through the line.

    "Cough cough cough cough cough" Ning Xi was so alarmed by the word that she burst into furious coughing, then said angrily, "Whos jealous! I was thinking that it was important to be clear about the relationships inside the company, so I just asked, thats all!"

    F***! No wonder she felt something was off! It looked like she was jealous!

    "If it was just a random question, then I refuse to answer,"Lu Tingxiao said.

    "Ha?" Ning Xi was struck dumb. Never in a million years had she expected that Lu Tingxiao could actually be so childish. "Then what do you want, before youll tell me?"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Recall my question."

    Which question? About being jealous?


    When she heard Xiao Tao guessing that it was an intimate relationship, and she thought about Lu Tingxiao with another woman, in her heart, she had in fact felt a little uncomfortable

    But how could she admit that!

    So Ning Xi said casually, "Forget it, if you don't want to answer, Ill just believe that youre sleeping with Su Yimo. Just that can directly send your score down to zero!"

    Lu Tingxiao sighed, and helplessly compromised. "Dont worry, theres nothing between us,you don't need to be concerned with her in the company."

    "Then why do people say that you are her backer? And all the resources she had, didn't you ask people to give them to her?" Ning Xi didnt understand.

    "I am your private backer," Lu Tingxiao answered.

    Her face hot, Ning Xi immediately said seriously, "Answer the question! Don't mess around!"

    Lu Tingxiao laughed. "Heh"

    "And no laughing!"

    Lu Tingxiao finally stopped teasing her, and coughed softly. "I did give the order, but I had nothing to do with it after that. The reason I gave that order was because you could say that she saved Little Treasures life once."

    "What? What happened to Little Treasure?" Ning Xi instantly became anxious as she asked.

    "Before, in order for him to socialize more, I tried sending him to school. In the end, he lost control of his emotions and ran outside, and almost got hit by a car. Fortunately, another car at that time suddenly rushed out and hit that car, saving Little Treasures life. The person driving that car was Su Yimo. She had been driving drunk, which was why her car had rushed out like that. So through a strange combination of events, she saved Little Treasures life"

    Ning Xi was struck dumb by each thing that she heard. "Shit! I really dont know who was the lucky one, Little Treasure or Su Yimo! So to repay her, you gave that order?"

    She could understand why Lu Tingxiao had done it. Even if she had saved Little Treasure by accident and not by design, she had still saved him.


    "Tch, she actually really saved Little Treasures life! That time, why didn't you repay her with yourself?"

    Lu Tingxiao killed her with one stroke: "Do you think I would do that for just anyone?"