Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 252

    Chapter 252: High Energy Ahead! Torturing Single People Again!

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    "Of course! Sister Xi, you don't know?" Xiao Tao was astonished, then she sidled closer to whisper in her ear, "Su Yimos backer is our Boss Lu!"

    "CEO Lu? Dont you mean Lu Jingli?" Ning Xis first thought was of Lu Jingli;it was obvious how little integrity Lu Jingli had in her heart

    Xiao Tao shook her head, then pointed her finger upward, meaning the person above Lu Jingli.

    Now Ning Xi was really surprised, and she lifted an eyebrow. "Lu Tingxiao?"

    Xiao Tao nodded vigorously, looked around, and said, "Not so loud as long as you know about it!"

    Ning Xi stroked her chin. "But why hasnt anybody dropped this bomb? Theres not even a hint of it outside."

    "Who wants to die, if they dare make noise about the Big Boss? So only people in the company know about this!" Xiao Tao explained.

    "I see"

    Not waiting for Ning Xi to ask for more details, Xiao Tao already couldnt hold herself back, and straightaway started telling her all the gossip. "At first, Su Yimo was just a second-tier, third-tier actress, there were so many bigger names above her. In the end, nobody knows how she hooked up with our Big Boss and obtained his favor. In a short while, all the company resources were presented to her to choose from, and she straightaway went up like a rocket"

    The more Xiao Tao spoke, the angrier she became. "Our Sister Manyun took ten years to get to where she is today, but ended up being overshadowed by her like that, its so unfair"

    Ning Xi listened to the way Xiao Tao described the rumors as if they were fact. She was sure that it was true, the only thing she didn't know was what kind of relationship Lu Tingxiao and Su Yimo had

    Though Xiao Tao hadnt said it clearly, but from her tone, it sounded like they had "slept together"?

    But given her understanding of Lu Tingxiao, Ning Xi naturally couldn't believe all of Xiao Taos gossip.

    Xiao Tao, who had been talking non-stop, suddenly realized that talking about someone elses might wasnt proper, so she rushed to comfort Ning Xi, "Cough, but Sister Xi, your backer is also very amazing, you were brought in by our Second Young Master after all!"

    Though Xiao Tao said this, she still sounded a little disappointed.

    She used to be Leng Manyuns assistant, and this time had moved with Lin Zhizhi together to work with Ning Xi.

    When she had been with Leng Manyun, everyone showed her respect, but Ning Xi was a nobody compared with Leng Manyun, and as her assistant now, thinking about how from now on, she would have to lower her head whenever she saw Su Yimos manager and assistant, it was hard to avoid the unfairness she felt in her heart.

    There was no way Ning Xi could have missed the disappointment on Xiao Taos face, but Xiao Taos reaction was a normal one, so she didn't take it personally.

    But, that thing with Su Yimo, she couldnt let it pass that easily

    After all, during these seven important days, any tiny detail could affect her decision.

    Consequently, since Ning Xi had no time to figure it out herself, she took her phone out directly and texted Lu Tingxiao

    [What is your relationship with Su Yimo?]

    At the same time, Lu Corporation.

    Lu Tingxiao was in a meeting when his cell phone suddenly beeped.

    As he continued to listen to his subordinates report, Lu Tingxiao took a look at his phone.

    Then, all the employees sitting in the meeting room witnessed something that only happened once every thousand years

    When their Lord Boss, who almost never smiled when he was at the company, looked at his phone, his face relaxed, and he let out a delighted laugh