Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 251

    Chapter 251: Su Yimos Backer

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    Ning Xi narrowed her eyes slightly after hearing this.

    This was already not the first time that she had heard other people say that Lin Zhizhi hated artistes like her.

    It was impossible to say that she didnt care.

    After all, this was the person who would fight this battle with her in the future. If their beliefs were incompatible from the beginning, how would they be able to continue cooperating later?

    Lin Zhizhi noticed the worry that flashed through Ning Xis eyes. She looked at Zhao Meixin, and said evenly, "It seems that Sister Meixin has misunderstood something about me. Everyone knows that being beautiful is a gift in this industry. Its the golden meal ticket from God, the one thing other people can ask for but wont get, why would I hate it?

    "What I hate are the flower vases who have the looks but lack substance and professionalism.

    "Everyone loves beautiful things, Im sure Sister Meixinunderstands this point the best, right?"

    After hearing this, Zhao Meixins expression changed. What she would understand the best?

    This was obviously a jab at her!

    She used to be an actress, but because she hadnt been attractive enough, she had struggled to turn herself around to become a manager. She still cared a lot about her looks now, and often got facials and minor cosmetic operations done

    This damn Lin Zhizhi, either she didn't talk much, or everything she said were jabs into her flesh! It was really true that the dogs that dont bark are the ones that bite the hardest!

    "Are you so sure she isnt just a flower vase?" Zhao Meixin laughed coldly.

    "Whether she is or not will be demonstrated through her work, and not judged based on her looks, the way Sister Meixin has done." With that, Lin Zhizhi walked directly past her and left.

    "You"Behind them, Zhao Meixin stomped off in anger.

    After that short encounter, all of the gloominess in Ning Xis heart was swept away, and she bounced happily after Lin Zhizhi.

    "Sister Zhizhi, you were so cool just now! You give off such asafe feeling! But don't worry, Im definitely not a flower vase, and even if I am, I am at the very least a blue-and-white porcelain vase with ocean waves, lucky clouds and dragon patterns on it from the Qing Qianlong dynasty. A co-existence of good looks and strength!"

    Lin Zhizhi gave her a look, the corners of her mouth twitching imperceptibly. "You better practise what you preach. Filming starts tomorrow, when the time comes, Ill accompany you there.

    "Also, it wont be just me, the production crew will open the set to the media, so there will be a lot of reporters.

    "Ive emailed you the latest script and shooting schedule. You also know, you have an important scene tomorrow, and itll really test your acting skills. This is your first battle, make sure youre prepared for it!"

    Actually, during this period, she had already studied Ning Xis rsum and works, and found that this girls acting was actually not bad, so she was looking forward to tomorrows scene

    "Got it, I will do my best!"

    As she spoke, Ning Xi secretly looked Lin Zhizhi up and down. No matter how she looked, Lin Zhizhi appeared a very reliable person, and the more Ning Xi thought about it, the more she felt regret on her behalf. How could a woman like Sister Zhizhi fall for Jiang Muye, that unreliable, fickle golden retriever?

    Because Lin Zhizhi was still busy with other things, Xiao Tao took Ning Xi around on the rest of the tour.

    Xiao Tao was very lively, and talked non-stop. Ning Xi learned a lot of company gossip from her.

    "Ai, when Sister Manyun left, Su Yimo and Zhao Meixin were the happiest about it, since they don't have any rivals anymore! Su Yimo is a bigger name than Sister Manyun, but look at what shes acted in, theyre all trashy commercial films. Most of Sister Manyuns movies might have been art films, but they received so many international awards because of them. She is simply in a class above Su Yimo, alright? But it cant be helped, who asked Su Yimos backer to be so strong! She clearly doesnt have the ability,but shamelessly holds the No.1 Actress title at Glory World!"

    "Su Yimos backer is very strong?" Ning Xi asked.

    "Of course! Sister Xi, you don't know?" Xiao Tao was astonished, then she sidled closer to whisper in her ear, "Su Yimos backer is our CEO Lu!"