Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 250

    Chapter 250: First Encounter

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    Next morning, in Lin Zhizhis office at Glory World Entertainment.

    "Sister Zhizhi, Im not late, am I?" Ning Xi had rested at her apartment the whole day yesterday, and was pretty much fully recovered. It was only that she still looked a little wan, so today she had chosen to wear a trendy outfit with a bold combination of colors to brighten her skin, making her look young and energetic.

    In front of the desk in the office, Lin Zhizhi as usual did not have a single strand of hair out of place. She wore a suit jacket and an A-line skirt in cool colors, and was working on some documents. Seeing that Ning Xi had come, she sized her up first before raising her head. "No need to be nervous, its nothing important today, I just wanted to show you around the company before shooting starts tomorrow. Even if you normally wont come to the company often, you still need to be familiar with the companys basic department structure."

    "Okay, thank you, Sister Zhizhi!"

    "Lets go."

    Ning Xi nodded, and followed her out. With Lin Zhizhis guidance, she familiarized herself with each company department, and met a few of her new colleagues.

    Whatever they thought inside, on the outside, everyone was polite to her.

    Even though everyone tacitly understood that this was a battle between Glory World and Starlight, and Ning Xi was the companys weapon in striking at Starlight, it was the undeniable truth that the company was prepared to nurture Ning Xi, so nobody wanted to court bad luck by harassing her during this critical period, when public opinion of her was flourishing.

    "Tut, this Ning Xi is even better looking in person, no wonder Second Young Master likes her!"

    "I have a feeling, as long as her EQ is not too low, shell definitely become a hit!"

    "Thats hard to say! Leng Manyun just left, do you think people will allow her to make it big so easily? Anyway, do you think she and Lin Zhizhi will get along? Doesnt Lin Zhizhi hate those type of actresses the most, the ones who rely on their good looks to climb their way up?"

    The company was actually pretty big, and Ning Xi followed Lin Zhizhi for more than an hour before they completed the tour.

    As they were about to take a look at the film sets and recording studios behind the company, they unexpectedly ran into someone in the corridor.

    "Yo! Isnt this our Big Manager Lin? Finally stopped becoming a hermit? I thought you wouldnt be coming back to the industry after your setback!" The woman speaking was around thirty years old. She wore sexy and trendy clothes. Her hair was in big waves, and she had exquisite makeup on. She was dressed up even more magnificently than any star.

    Because she often appeared in newspapers and magazines, and she had seen her from a distance on production sets several times before, Ning Xi instantly recognized that this was Su Yimos manager, Zhao Meixin.

    Faced with Zhao Meixins provocative words, Lin Zhizhis eyebrows didnt even twitch, and she said blandly, "With Sister Meixin still working hard, how can we youngsters slow down."

    "You"Zhao Meixin was pissed.

    On the side, Ning Xi struggled not to laugh out loud. She hadnt expected that Lin Zhizhi, who looked inflexible and severe, to have such a vicious tongue!

    Zhao Meixin ground her teeth and hmphed coldly. "Lin Zhizhi, I didn't think you would do well to begin with, but I cant not admit that you have some skill, being able to raise Leng Manyun that plain nobody up to such a high level. But now"

    Zhao Meixin deliberately paused, and glanced disdainfully at Ning Xi. "After Leng Manyun, you went and found yourself such a flower vase, who besides scandals and her looks, doesnt have one good thing about her. I remember that you hate artistes who rely on their good looks the most. So? Have you fallen so low now?"