Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 248

    Chapter 248: Obviously A Prodigy

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    Hearing his words, Ning Xi looked embarrassed. "What? Lets not, going to the hospital in the middle of the night because of overeating is too humiliating!"

    "Is face more important than your body?" As he spoke, Lu Tingxiao grabbed his wallet and phone, then quickly lifted her by the waist.

    Ning Xi immediately waved her hands. "Ergh Lu Tingxiao no switch to a different position maybe its better if you just help me walk slowly this position makes me more uncomfortable"

    "You" Lu Tingxiao was both angry and concerned, and could only put her down and carefully help her walk out.

    When they reached the hospitals emergency room, Ning Xis clothes and hair were wet with sweat.

    Because Ning Xi had been clutching her stomach and Lu Tingxiao had an expression suggesting that the sky was about to collapse, a nurse immediately met them and gave Ning Xi a hand. "Is the baby coming? Quick! Get onto the stretcher!"

    Ning Xi lifted the mask she had been wearing to avoid being recognized, and with black lines on her head, explained, "No thats not it, Sister Nurse! I overate!"

    "" The nurse was speechless for a second, then looked down at her stomach, and realized that it was only protruding a little, and in fact wasnt like the stomach of a pregnant woman. "For stomach issues, please turn left!"

    "Thank you!"

    At midnight, after a period of torment, Ning Xis diagnosis finally came out.

    She had acute gastritis caused by overeating and stress within a short period of time

    Lu Tingxiao touched the girls pale cheek as she lay in the hospital bed, his own face full of pain. "Does it still hurt?"

    Ning Xi nodded bitterly. "Yes, but its not as bad as before... that, Lu Tingxiao, theres one thing"

    "What is it? Tell me."

    Ning Xi hesitated for a moment, then embarrassedly said, "Seems like the ring scraped and broke the skin on one side of my gum. I didn't feel anything earlier, but now it hurts a lot..."

    Lu Tingxiao facepalmed, and didnt know whether to cry or laugh. He ruffled her hair. "Wait for me. Ill get you some medicine."


    After Lu Tingxiao left, Ning Xi let out her a long breath of air, and then stroked her round stomach

    She never expected her stomach would work so hard during a critical moment!

    But the feeling of overeating was really uncomfortable! She never wanted to feel it for a second time in her whole life!

    Before, there had been times when she had been too busy to eat, and as a result, had once also gotten a sudden acute case of gastritis at midnight

    The difference was that at that time, she couldn't get a taxi at midnight, so she rode her motorbike to the hospital herself, registered herself, got her medicine herself, and sat on a cold bench in the corridor with an IV drip by herself

    Lu Tingxiao came back quickly.

    He sat down on the edge of the bed with the medicine, and opened the bottle and said seriously, "This medicine is topical. Open your mouth and I'll help you put it on your wound."

    Ning Xi obediently opened her mouth, but her tongue accidentally touched it, and she frowned. "Bitter"

    "Endure it for a bit, dont touch it."


    After applying the medicine, Lu Tingxiao looked at her with gentle eyes and said softly, "Teacher"

    A little startled, Ning Xi was blank for a bit before she realized that he was calling her. "Ah?"

    "I'm sorry" Lu Tingxiao sighed softly with self-reproach, then took her hand and gently kissed the back of it. "Blame this student who has no skill, causing you to get hurt."

    Ning Xis heart skipped a beat

    Damn sixty percent sixty-one sixty-two sixty-three it continued increasing...

    How is this no skill!

    He was obviously a prodigy!!!