Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 246

    Chapter 246: A Deeper Kiss

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    Ning Xi goggled and stared at the ring on the plate, her eyes large as bulbs and her expression completely stunned.

    F*** me!!!

    Ning! Xi! You! Are! A! Crow! Mouth! 1

    She had actually hit the nail on the head

    She had been on guard against him the whole time! She had always subconsciously thought that in chasing a girl, the Big Demon King would swoop in with one single brilliant move that would be impossible to guard against. How could she have expected such an... such an old-fashioned method!

    And yet, the end result was still impossible for her to guard against.

    Had the Big Demon King deliberately act the opposite of his normal behavior?

    At this moment, what Ning Xi regretted the most was not swallowing the ring straightaway to destroy the evidence

    Beneath Ning Xis lifeless gaze, Lu Tingxiao finished the last of the wine. He put down the glass and looked at her with deep eyes: "I have been drinking because Im nervous."

    Ning Xi: "" He was nervous? Who should actually be the nervous one!

    Lu Tingxiaos face changed from cold ice to tipsy mist, but his eyes, dark as the night, were clear and bright. His cool voice was like raindrops falling into a deep pool: "I have never done anything that Im uncertain about, but this time, I did.

    "This is probably the most impulsive thing I've ever done in my life, but I have no choice, and I have no room for regret.

    "No matter whether I step forward or retreat, you have already decided to keep your distance from me. It's just the difference between doing it later or sooner.

    "I have been planning this day from the first day I met you, and Ive made countless plans. But you are becoming more and more afraid of me, and for you now, it seems that all those ways would only frighten you, so I chose the most traditional and gentlest method."

    Ning Xi was speechless when she heard these few words: ""

    The gentlest method thank you so much for being so considerate!

    But Im still freaking scared, okay!!!

    Liu Tingxiao paused, then raised his head and continued speaking. "No matter what way I use, Im not confident that I can fully move you. Though the plan today is already the most dependable one that I can think of, I calculated that it only has a seventeen percent chance of success."

    Ning Xi: "Huh?" What seventeen percent? How the heck did he come up with this magical number?

    "Uh, cough, cough, cough that"

    Out of her wits, Ning Xi unconsciously reached for some wine. Discovering that Lu Tingxiao had finished it, she poured herself a full glass of fruit juice, and gulped it all down.

    Ning Xi set the glass down with a bang, and finally found her voice

    "Lu Tingxiao, youre practising how to profess your love for the girl you like, right? Mm, great, great, traditional and classic, low-key but not losing any of its meaning, the lines are sensational enough"

    Liu Tingxiao silently looked at the girl opposite him. He pushed his chair back slightly, stood up, stretched his long arm across the table, used his fingertips to pinch her chin, and in the next second, he leaned over to kiss her lips

    Ning Xis voice was abruptly cut off.

    It was only three seconds later that she reacted, but Lu Tingxiao gripped the back of her head and kissed her more deeply

    The room was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. There was only the sound of quick breathing, the sound of clothes rubbing against each other, and of lips and tongues tangled together. The temperature in the room rose quietly

    Some indeterminate time later, Lu Tingxiao finally broke the kiss. He slowly moved away from her lips, but his palms still cradled the nape of her neck, and he leaned his forehead against hers softly

    [1] A crow mouth is a doomsayer.

    1. A crow mouth is a doomsayer.