Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 243

    Chapter 243: To Coax Girls

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    Ning Xis new place was on the seventh floor of the Regal Riveria Hotel. It was a three-bedroom apartment with a living room, decorated in a simple style and very comfortable. There was a beautiful view of the river from the balcony. Compared with her old, small apartment, the difference was like between heaven and earth.

    She and Lu Tingxiao, plus the driver, took all her things up in three trips.

    Looking at the bits and bobs in the apartment, Ning Xi wiped her sweat. "Theres one more bag, Ill go get it!"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Mm, Ill start organizing."

    "Wait, I forgot something"Ning Xi took out a rectangular gift box from one of the boxes.

    "What is this?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    Ning Xi smiled mysteriously. "Use this to coax girls!"


    Ning Xi finally had the very last bag. When she walked into the lobby, she saw the young female receptionist sizing her up. When she saw that Ning Xi had noticed her, she immediately put her head back down and pretended to be busy.

    The receptionist at the Regal Riveria had seen so many stars, and was used to it, but Ning Xi had become too popular recently, so suddenly seeing her had been a bit of a surprise, not to mention that she had come today with an especially mysterious man

    Ning Xi smiled easily at the young girl, then walked over to her.

    The receptionist was astonished to see her walk over herself, then she screwed up her courage to say, "Youre Ning Xi, right?"

    Ning Xi nodded. "Yes, I just moved in today."

    Saying that, she gave her the black gift box."Nice to meet you, this is a little gift for you, I hope well get along well."

    "Ah this I cant accept this!"

    "Its okay, someone gave this to me, it didn't cost anything, please take it! You have beautiful lips, they will definitely look good on you!"

    The young girl touched her lips and blushed. "Then thank thank you!"

    "Youre welcome."

    After Ning Xi left, the young girl opened the box to take a look, and was very pleasantly surprised.

    It was actually twelve tubes of lipstick, all in different colors.

    God! She loved this brand, but it was just too expensive for her to buy, and her boyfriend was too dumb to think of getting them for her, instead always giving her bizarre things. Shit, was it so hard to get her one measly tube of lipstick!

    She never expected that Ning Xi would be such a good person

    Even though she had gotten many gifts from stars, they were all given with an arrogant attitude, and some gave away things that they didn't want anymore, like it was charity.

    Ning Xi was different, making her so happy with her gift! It was obvious with one look that the gift had been carefully prepared.

    Most people looked down upon employees like her. Little did they know that given her job, she knew so many secrets

    At the elevator.

    The elevator doors opened with a ding.

    Outside the doors, Ning Xi got a clear look of the person inside, and she knitted her eyebrows together; she never expected to run into Chang Li here.

    "Ning Xi" Chang Li said in surprise, then addressed her as if she was a thief. "What are you doing here?"

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes. "Is this your house? Are you the only person that can come here?"

    Chang Li crossed her arms and looked down her nose at how she was covered from head to toe in dust. "Heh, even if this isnt my house, its still not a place people like you can come to!"

    Ning Xi walked past her to directly enter the elevator, and she pressed the button to shut the doors. "Well excuse me, I live here!"

    Struck dumb, Chang Li was rooted to the spot as she watched the doors close with suspicion