Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 239

Chapter 239: A Single Man And A Single Woman?

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Including Master Lu and Madam Lu, Lu Tingxiao had splendidly achieved his goal of "full assistance from the whole Lu family".

Inside the car, seeing Lu Tingxiao bid his parents and Little Treasure goodbye and then walk back in her direction, Ning Xi hurriedly sat up, and pretended that she hadnt heard anything.

On the way back, Lu Tingxiao suddenly asked, "What are you doing today?"

"Today?" Hearing this question, Ning Xi stared blankly.

That was right, today she didn't need to accompany Little Treasure, and because it was Saturday, Lu Tingxiao didnt need to go to work

Wouldn't that mean that she had to spend the whole day with him, a single woman and a single man, at home alone?

Realizing that she had fallen into a trap, Ning Xi just felt stupid.

This was a one-step, one-trap pattern, and as soon as she wasnt careful, she would fall in

At this moment, her cellphone rang.

Picking the phone up to take a look, Ning Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

Chang Li?

Why was she calling her?

Ning Xi picked up the call, and said in a surprised tone, "Yo, Big Manager Chang, who is always so busy with work, actually has time to personally call me?"

Hearing the words "always so busy with work", Chang Li felt so much hatred she almost bit through her gums.

Before, while Ning Xueluos career was flourishing, she had naturally been so busy running around every day, it was like her feet didnt have time to touch the ground. But after that incident, the number of endorsements, and film and TV opportunities for Ning Xueluo all plunged. Not just that, many companies which had signed endorsement deals with her before were now demanding compensation, and Starlight had also asked Ning Xueluo to keep a low profile during this period until the incident had passed.

Apart from Ning Xueluo, she had no other successful artiste under her, which meant that she would have to live on air for the next half a year!

Chang Li said crossly, "I've called to tell you to move out immediately! Youve already betrayed the company and broken your contact, do you think you can still occupy the company's apartment? In that area, we can rent it out for more than a thousand yuan a month!"

Heh, in the capital, was a monthly rental of more than a thousand worth bragging about?

Ning Xi didn't have time to talk nonsense with her, so she casually said, "Got it. Im hanging up if there's nothing else"

Before she could do so, Chang Li scolded her aggressively. "Ning Xi, search your heart and ask yourself, wasnt the company good to you? Nowadays, which company would provide an obscure, new artiste with accommodation? Many small-time artistes can go months without a job, but you at least always had work!"

The company had been prepared to nurture you and make you popular! Even though that thing happened to you, the company didnt give up on you! But you you forgot your roots and climbed your way up by stepping all over us!"

Ning Xi made a "tsk" sound. "Manager Changs talent at inverting right and wrong is really improving every day! If youre so justified, why dont you just share it online?"

Chang Li instantly choked; she actually had said all this online, the end result being that she had been viciously scolded and cursed at by netizens.

Unwilling to admit defeat, Chang Li snorted and sneered. "There are lots of big names at Glory World Entertainment, and the competition there is fiercer than it is in Starlight. Do you think that as soon as you jump across, youll get your moment to shine? How ridiculous! Youre just a chess piece the company is using to attack Starlight! Do you really think that Glory World values you that much? When the time comes, don't come crying and begging to me then!"

Saying that, she hung up the phone with a loud bang.

Ning Xi shrugged, and gave Lu Tingxiao beside her a look. "Now I have something to do today!"


"Chang Li just called to tell me that theyre taking back the apartment which Starlight arranged for me. My stuff is still there! So, I have to move out!"