Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Shes Wonderful

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The old Lu residence stood halfway up a mountain, and occupied a large area of mountains and forests. It took over twenty minutes to drive from the front gate to the house. There were lush trees on both sides and the scenery was very beautiful.

The rumor was that the dragon vein was located here, in the feng shui jewel of the capital.

Thanks to Little Treasure, she was also expanding her knowledge!

Through the window, Ning Xi saw the two Lu elders already waiting at the door, their faces full of eager anticipation, and no different from the average grandparent who doted on their grandson.

Ning Xi patted Little Bun in her arms. "Go on! Don't forget what Auntie said to you, good luck!"

Looking at the encouragement and expectation in Ning Xis eyes, Little Bun nodded his head resolutely, and Lu Tingxiao took him out of the car. With every step he took, he would turn around to look at Ning Xi.

Seeing their precious grandson, the two elders were overjoyed, and hurriedly went to meet him.

Madam Lu was so excited that her eyes were wet, and she grumbled as she looked at her eldest son: "Brat, we endured so many months not seeing Little Treasure! In the end you still havent given me my daughter-in-law!"

Lu Tingxiao coughed slightly, and motioned at the person in the car behind them. At this distance, it was likely that Ning Xi could hear them

As a matter of fact, Ning Xi really did hear it.

Relying on the fact that with the cars particular windows, people outside couldnt see inside, Ning Xi had directly pressed her ear against the window to eavesdrop on what they were saying. Then she heard Madam Lus remark

Madam Lu was instantly excited. "Oh, my! The daughter-in-law is here as well? Have her get out of the car to meet us!"

"Mum" Lu Tingxiao said helplessly. "Shes shy, dont scare her."

Ning Xi nodded furiously. Yes, yes, yes, Im shy, please dont ask me to get out of the car!

Fortunately, Master Lus words at this moment diverted everyone's attention.

"What is Little Treasure writing?" Master Lu asked suspiciously.

Hearing her husbands words, Madam Lu then also realized that at some point, Little Treasure had started busily writing something.

A moment later, Little Treasure raised his tablet and looked at his grandfather and grandmother with eyes as clear and bright as black pearls.

On the tablet

[Grandfather, Grandmother, Little Treasure missed you very much!]

After clearly reading the words on the tablet, Master Lu and Madam Lu looked at each other thunderstruck, then their eyes turned red.

Madam Lu looked at her husband in disbelief. "Did did I read that wrong? Little Treasure finally called me grandmother!"

Even though it wasnt a literal "call", it was the first time that Little Treasure had addressed her as grandmother!

Before, he always ignored them, and even rejected them

"He also called me grandfather!" Master Lu said solemnly, yet proudly.

"He even said he missed us very much" Madam Lu couldn't help herself anymore, and cried as she hugged Little Treasure. "Grandmother's darling! Do you know how happy grandmother is?

Master Lu sighed, then looked at his eldest son, and said seriously: "Tingxiao, the one you like, she is very good. Shes taught Little Treasure very well."

He only knew that Little Treasure had opened up a lot more, and was now willing to go out, but he hadnt expected in a million years that Little Treasure's progress would be this amazing!

It was really too surprising!

"Isn't she? And hes well-fed. Look at how fat my grandson is now! Hes put on even more weight than the last time I saw in the photo!" Madam Lu was very pleased.

"Mm, she's wonderful." Lu Tingxiao looked in the direction of the car behind him, his gaze incomparably tender.

Master Lu patted him on the shoulder, and said meaningfully: "Boy, good luck! Its natural to have to work harder to obtain the best. Well support and assist you in any way we can!"