Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 237

    Chapter 237: Sending Little Treasure Over

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    On one particular morning, Ning Xi went downstairs and saw a scene that she hadnt seen for a long time.

    Little Bun and Big Bun sat opposite each other at the table, one face cold as an iceberg and the other face cold as a little iceberg. It was clear from the atmosphere that they were at loggerheads.

    What was this situation?

    This father and son pair hadnt quarreled in a long time.

    "Whats wrong with the both of you?" Ning Xi asked suspiciously.

    Hearing Ning Xis voice, Little Bun immediately clung to her leg as if he had seen his saviour, then stared warily at Lu Tingxiao, as if his father was about to sell him off

    Ning Xi held Little Treasure and comforted him for a bit, then looked in Lu Tingxiaos direction. "Lu Tingxiao, whats going on?

    Lu Tingxiao raised his eyes: "Im sending him to stay with my parents for several days. They havent seen him in a long time, and they miss him very much."

    "So its like that!" Ning Xi nodded in understanding.

    Seeing this, Little Bun became anxious, and the watery gleam in his big eyes quickly became a layer of misty tears.

    Ning Xis heart was instantly softened. Scratching her head, she looked at Lu Tingxiao. "This, there isnt any other way?"

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at her. "There is. Have my parents stay here for several days."

    "Uh, its better to send Little Treasure to them after all!" Ning Xi said decisively.

    Sorry, Little Bun, Auntie also has no choice

    Little Treasure was instantly struck a great blow. With the expression of a child unloved by his dad and mom, he ran upstairs to hide in his room

    "Uh" Ning Xi laughed hollowly. "That, Ill go persuade him!"


    Upstairs, Ning Xi knocked on Little Treasures room door.

    "Darling, would you please open the door for Auntie?"

    There was no reaction from inside the room.

    "Are you really going to ignore me?"

    There was still no reaction from inside the room.

    It seemed he was really angry!

    Ning Xi sighed, but she couldnt do anything about it. She could only go back downstairs, and then she walked outside.

    When Lu Tingxiao saw this, he didnt even lift his head. "Dont climb with your bare hands. Have the butler prepare a ladder for you."

    After hearing his words, Ning Xi nearly tripped. Was this guy a worm in her stomach? How did he know she was going to climb the wall and get in through a window?


    Lately, she realized that Lu Tingxiao was understanding her better and better. There were plenty of times where with just one expression in her eyes or one small gesture, he knew what she wanted to do in the next second.

    Five minutes later, Ning Xi climbed a ladder and entered Little Treasures room without a hitch.

    As soon as the little guy saw her, he threw himself into her arms with his eyes full of tears. His little expression was indescribably aggrieved

    Just now, when there had suddenly been no more reaction outside his room, he had thought that Ning Xi really didnt want him any longer.

    Ning Xi held Little Bun lovingly. "Darling, Auntie is on your side all the time. Its just that this time, Auntie really thinks you should go. Think about it, your grandparents only have you their precious grandson, and they clearly love you very much, but they respect your wishes and so dont dare come see you"

    Little Treasure hung his head. After a long while, he took up his tablet and wrote one word: Together.

    Meaning that he wanted Ning Xi to go together with him.

    Ning Xi coughed softly with embarrassment. "I cant do that"

    How could she go to Lu Tingxiaos parents house at such a time!

    "Because Auntie is going to start work soon, Im afraid I wont have the time!" Ning Xi found a good excuse, then hurriedly coaxed him. "But Auntie and your dad can send you off together! Be good! Little Treasure is already a five-year-old little man, and youve made such great progress lately. Youre getting better and better, and more amazing. You can definitely do this small thing, right?"

    Ning Xi held Little Bun, and kissed and coaxed him as she talked to him for half an hour. At last, the little guy relented.