Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 236

    Chapter 236: One-Sided Crush

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    What bitten by mosquitos?

    She had gone to a bar! A bar! How could she have been bitten by mosquitos?

    Lord Boss! Where is your high IQ and logic?

    But she also couldnt eagerly tell him that this was a hickey. That would be too weird

    The plan failed, and Ning Xi felt like she was in so much pain she didnt want to live anymore.

    At this moment, Lu Tingxiao put down the newspaper and stood up to open the drawer below the TV cabinet. He took out a small white bottle and walked over to her.

    Ning Xi raised her head and watched him warily. Big brother, what are doing now?

    "This medicine oil is very effective for mosquito bites." Saying this, Lu Tingxiao took the lid off, poured some oil into his palm, then placed his warm palm on her neck

    The instant he touched her neck, Ning Xi jumped up as if she had been electrocuted. "I Ill do it myself!"

    "Don't move. There is all medicine all over my hands," Lu Tingxiao admonished her. His rough fingers were incomparably gentle as he applied the oil on her neck, her collarbone, and what he could see of her back. Massaging the oil into her skin, his expression was serious, as if he was carrying out a solemn and important task.

    Because of the oil, the places where his fingers touched felt cool, but under her skin, it was slowly burning up

    After quite a while, Lu Tingxiao was finally done. "How is it?"

    Ning Xi came to her senses. She touched the places where the mosquitoes had bitten her, and blinked. Then she said in a very amazed voice, "How strange! It really isnt itchy at all anymore! What medicine is this? Why is it so eff effective"

    Right after she said it, Ning Xi really wanted to bite off her own tongue.

    She actually let it slip herself! F***!

    It looked like her premonition had really come true

    She had really failed utterly miserably

    Ning Xis head drooped pathetically like a miserable, defeated cat, and she muttered discontentedly, "Lu Tingxiao I went out drinking"

    "It's okay to drink occasionally. I'll help you keep it a secret from Little Treasure."

    "I went to a nightclub"

    "Mm, as long as youre careful."

    "I stayed out all night!!! Lu Tingxiao, arent you angry at all?" Ning Xi finally got angry.

    "Do you want me to be angry?" Lu Tingxiao said lightly, gazing at her with deep eyes.

    Ning Xi goggled: "!!!" He actually turned the tables on her!

    Lu Tingxiao helped her remove a blade of grass stuck to her hair. "I've said before, you can consider this place your own home, and do as you like."

    Saying this, Lu Tingxiao suddenly paused, and then returned to the previous topic: "Actually, I don't like it at all when you go out on your own late at night to places like the bar or nightclub, since it makes me so worried that I cant sleep the whole night. However, I still respect your freedom."

    "." With a poof, Ning Xis chest was struck by Cupid's arrow.

    Ugh, she couldnt fight this battle anymore

    The enemy was simply one. Sidedly. Crushing. Her!

    Ning Xi continued going to bars for a week, but it didnt work at all.

    The only effect was

    Because she had taken care of quite a number of scumbags in succession, almost all the bars in the city started to impose a new rule: to strictly investigate any beauty they encountered.

    Alas everything was going wrong.

    In the end, Ning Xi eased up a little. Of course, she never forgot the most important thing, and continued to concentrate on taking Little Treasure out to play, as they went almost everywhere in the whole capital.

    The biggest gain during this period was that Little Treasure had become more open in her company. He wasnt afraid to go out anymore, and apart from still not speaking and being a little introverted, he was almost already like a normal child.

    What a relief

    This way, she could finally relax when she left!