Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 235

    Chapter 235: These Are Obviously Hickeys!

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    Here was too spacious and empty; there was nowhere to hide the car, so they had to park further away.

    Luckily, Lu Jingli had a fly-sized drone with him, and because it was infrared, it could film at night. It was flying above Ning Xis head right now.

    "Hahaha brother, I told you it would be useful!" Lu Jingli was so pleased with himself that his tail was sticking right up to the sky.

    On the car monitor, Ning Xi was lying on the grass under the dark sky, murmuring "mosquitos come bite me" repeatedly

    "Is sister-in-law drunk? Specially coming all the way here to feed the mosquitos?" Lu Jingli was speechless.

    Lu Tingxiao didn't say anything, as if he didnt think it was strange at all, all of his attentionon the girl on the screen

    Ning Xi relaxed as the alcohol started to work. She closed her eyes, feeling dizzy. In her daze, she heard footsteps approaching her from behind, and the buzz of mosquitos in her ear gradually disappeared. Her body, a little cold from the night air, was covered with warmth

    The moment that familiar smell wrapped her up, the last bit of consciousness which she had been holding on tofaded away like smoke.

    Because she was on her own, she hadnt dared to get completely drunk.

    She didn't know when it had happened herself, but there was unexpectedly someone in front of whom she could be safely drunk.

    Lu Tingxiao chased the mosquitos away, and covered her with his coat. Then he put his arm under her head as a pillow, so that the grass wouldn't prick her skin.

    The girl clung to his clothes, sound asleep. Even through the heavy makeup she was wearing, he could see the child-like innocence on her face, and it couldnt help but make him want to dote on her

    When Ning Xi woke up, the horizon was already fish-belly white. She checked the time and saw that it was five thirty in the morning.

    She had only taken a nap, but had actually slept for so long?

    Ning Xi dusted her butt off, and looking at herself, she realized that unexpectedly, she hadnt gotten many mosquito bites at all. Nonetheless, there were just enough that she could use

    She thought that since she had slept for so long, she would definitely have gotten hundreds of bites. But if that was really the case, it would be have been too fake anyway.

    What was also strange was that though it was late autumn and she was next to the river, after waking up from her sleep, her body still felt, and she wasn't the slightest bit cold

    Was it because of the alcohol?

    Half an hour later, she returned to the Lu residence.

    It had just turned six oclock. In the living room, Lu Tingxiao was as usual drinking tea and reading the newspaper like a retired senior.

    So far, so good.

    "Lu Tingxiao, morning!" Ning Xi entered the house and greeted him.

    "Morning, you're back." Lu Tingxiao lifted his head from the newspaper.

    Ning Xi was watching Lu Tingxiaos expression secretly, then she realized that it was too difficult to observe anything on a face that looked paralyzed in place.

    That was because he was expressionless most of the time, and this time was no different.

    Ning Xi didn't give up, and directly sat down on the sofa opposite Lu Tingxiao. She deliberately touched her neck.

    There was no way that he wouldnt see it from this close, right?

    As expected, Lu Tingxiaos eyes wandering over her neck and those incriminating red dots on her bare skin, then he knitted his eyebrows together more heavily.

    Ning Xi pretended she didnt noticed, and yawned. "So tired, Im so sleepy!"

    "Why do you have so many mosquito bites?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    "Pu cough cough cough" Ning Xi almost choked to death on her own saliva.

    Are you kidding me?

    I dress like this to go to a nightclub, and Im only back the next morning. As a normal, red-blooded man, seeing these incriminating marks, shouldn't you assume straightaway that they are hickeys?