Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Instead Of Being Happy Alone, Its Better To Be Happy Together

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Ning Xis technique was perfect, her movements natural and fluid, as if she did this a lot

In the end, she left one foot planted on the mans back, and rested one armon her knee. The seductive genie from earlier had completely turned into a gangster. "Give me your phone!"

The scumbag had been beaten until he couldn't tell up from down. He had no strength to fight back, and hearing her words, he hastily begged, "Its in my pocket, my wallet too, and theres a ring inside my wallet, everything is yours! Please spare my life, Wonder Woman!"

He wouldn't have thought in a million years that he would get robbed while out looking for a hookup! And the robber was a knockout! From her skills and her murderous aura, he could tell that she was a professional!

Ning Xi didn't care if this scumbag was misunderstanding the situation. She took his phone out straightaway, then waved it in front of him, "Put your hand out, unlock it for me!"

"Un unlock it? What do you want to do?"The scumbag said warily.

Ning Xi slapped him hard with barely a pause. "I told you to unlock it, so much rubbish! You dont believe I can disable thatthing three inches under your belly button?"

"Ill unlock it, unlock it! Right now!"The scumbag was scared shitless, and he quickly unlocked it.

Ning Xi found his wifes number in his contacts, and facetimed her.

She picked up quickly.

A womans face appeared on the screen. She could tell that the womans foundation was not bad, but maybe it was because she had stayed home too long doing housework and had neglected her skincare, she she looked sallow like wax. It was a typical housewifes face, the kind that scumbags loathed.

"Who who are you?" The womans expression changed instantly when she saw Ning Xis stunning beauty, but then she said in an extremely exhausted voice, "I don't care who you are, from now on he can love whoever he wants or be with whomever he wants; Im ready to divorce him, and I don't want any money from him. Whatever he does after this has nothing to do with me anymore! So leave me alone!"

Hearing this, Ning Xi shook her head in disappointment. "Tch, youre going to let him off so easily? Sister, youre too kind!"

That woman hadnt expected Ning Xis unconventional attitude,and she couldnt help but stare blankly, before she asked warily, "What what do you mean?"

The corners of Ning Xis mouth ticked up, and she pointed the phones webcam at the scumbag she had beaten black and blue, lying under her foot. "See that?"

After getting a clear view of the man on her phone, the woman was completely dumbfounded. "You the two of you what is this?"

Ning Xi laughed lightly. "So? Does that feel good?"

That woman recovered her senses after a long while, and even though she didnt understand what was going on, she looked at that man all banged up, and subconsciously said, "Yes!"

After saying that, her lips twisted with a trace of bitterness.

Not so long ago, if he had gotten even a small scratch, she would have been worried to death. But now, seeing him cut such a sorry figure, she was unexpectedly pleased

"Heh, thats great! I didnt have any other reason to call you, just that instead of being happy alone, its better to be happy together, which is why I wanted to show this to you.Now everyone can be happy together!" Ning Xi said in a careless manner.

""The woman was still in a daze, and didn't know how to react to this bizarre situation.

As for the man under Ning Xis foot, that pigs face was all twisted up. He hadnt expected that this woman would insult him not only physically, but also mentally, and that she would show his wife, who had always admired him, this ugly state he was in