Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 232

    Chapter 232: Youll Turn Green If You Dont Do Anything

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    Out of the corner of her eye, Ning Xi looked at the mans ring finger on his left hand.

    Even though he wasnt wearing a wedding ring, the skin color around that area was obviously lighter. Obviously he took it off when he was picking up girls.

    "I am!" Ning Xi answered lazily, one hand supporting her head.

    The mans face lit up. "May I join you?"

    "Sure." Ning Xi smiled lightly, an obvious suggestion lurking in her eyes.

    That man was almost unable to conceal his pleased look,and he opened with an outdated pickup line, "Bad mood?"

    Ning Xi sighed, "Yup, bad breakup!"

    "Who would break up with a beauty like you? Which kind of man doesnt know how to cherish what he has?" The elite had an astonished expression on his face.

    "I dumped him."

    "Cough cough then he must have pissed you off!"

    "Thats right! I just came to pick up guys to fool around with now and then, and when he found out, he made such a big deal out of it, isnt that so ridiculous?"

    "Eh"The elite finally couldn't say a word.

    Why did he find these lines so familiar?

    It was like how he had been complaining to his comrades just now about how his wife nagged him the whole day

    But he was so taken by this woman's every gesture, as if he had been bewitched, that he completely didn't realized that he was being played with.

    After a few drinks, the two of them walked out of the bar together.

    "Where to? Royal Riveria or Pearl?" The elite couldn't wait any longer.

    "What hotels! Heres good!" Ning Xi dragged the man into a small side alley.

    The elite panted with excitement, and pressed her into the wall, "Mm, youre right heres more exciting"

    While the two of them were talking, they didn't notice at all that five steps away from them, a black car without car plates was parked there like a ghost.

    In the car, no matter how calm a person Lu Tingxiao was, this time his entire being was already covered in a thick layer of frost.

    In the front passenger seat, Lu Jingli was regretting his decision so much that his intestines had turned green with repentance.

    He had had a strong feeling that something big was going to happen tonight, so he hadnt gone to bed at all. In the end, he happened to see out his window Ning Xi and his brother leaving the house at different times, so he had shamelessly followed them. But he had never expected in a million years

    Something this big would happen!

    He couldn't stand his brothers horrifying face anymore, so horrifying that it could stop an infant from crying at night.

    In the alley, that mans hand was already on Ning Xis waist. Even if Lu Tingxiao was a god that had descended to their level, his endurance should be breaking by now.

    Lu Jingli could tell that Lu Tingxiaos patience was hanging by a single strand of hair. "Brother, what are you still waiting for?"

    Lu Tingxiao said in a voice cold as iron: "Wait a little longer."

    Lu Jingli was panicking. "Its already at this point! What are you waiting for? Youll turn green 1 if you don't do anything! Xiao Xi Xi restrained herself these last two years, but she has a history of being wild. Learning to be good is not easy, but its too easy to become bad again"

    Lu Tingxiao: "Shut up!"

    Just as Lu Jingli closed his eyes and didn't dare to watch, suddenly there was a terrible scream opposite them

    "Huh? That sounds not right" Lu Jingli opened his eyes immediately, and saw that man covering his manhood as he screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

    Ning Xi immediately gave him another harsh kick, and the man fell to the ground. Just as he got up, Ning Xi stepped on his back, and his jaw hit the ground hard, blood flowing out of his mouth

    Lu Jingli felt pain just looking at the scene, and he covered his eyes when he couldnt bear to watch it anymore. "Sister-in-law is too brutal, ow ow ow"

    1. To turn green is to make yourself sick.