Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Break The Obsession With The Big Demon King

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After searching for a while, Ning Xi changed into a silver, sequined camisole, black tights, and high heels twelve centimeters tall. She then put on smoky makeup even her own mother wouldn't recognize her in

Cinderella changed into a beautiful gown at midnight, and went to the palace in a pumpkin carriage to meet her Prince Charming. Her, she had turned into a hussy at midnight, and was going to hit up a nightclubto provoke the Big Demon Kings disgust


These two days, Lu Tingxiao had been very busy, he should still be awake at this time, right?

Ning Xi ran out to the balcony and looked in the direction of the study. As expected, the lights in Lu Tingxiaos study were still on.

So she ran over and knocked on the door decisively.

Mm, she needed to do her best to blind him!

Dong dong dong, after she knocked three times, there came the sound of steady footsteps, and then the door opened.

After clearly seeing who it was outside the door, Lu Tingxiao stared blankly. "You"

"Im going out drinking with some friends, I just came to let you know!" Saying this, Ning Xi waited expectantly for Lu Tingxiaos reaction.

Lu Tingxiaos surprise was for just a moment, and after that he nodded in understanding, as if he didn't see how exaggeratedly dressed she was. "Alright, have fun."

Saying this, he still even asked: "Do you need the driver to send you?

Ning Xi was disappointed. "Cough, no need, Ill take my motorbike"

She took a deep breath to pull herself together, and just as she was about to leave, Lu Tingxiao suddenly approached her.

What did he want now?

Ning Xi took an instinctive step back, but still couldn't avoid Lu Tingxiaos hand reaching out to her

His finger touched her earlobe and squeezed it a little. All the hair on Ning Xis body stood up, and she immediately covered her ear, looking at Lu Tingxiao as if she was looking at a perverted old man.

The corners of Lu Tingxiaos mouth twitched, and he pointed to where he had touched her. "You have a mole here"

"So?" Why bring up her mole so randomly? Ning Xis mind was already a mess, and at the moment, she could understand his logic even less.

"People might not recognize you in this outfit and makeup, but this mole is very distinctive and exposed, its best that you cover it,"Lu Tingxiao said.

Ning Xi stood two steps away from him. "Its just a mole, surely no one will notice it?"

"No harm in being cautious."

"Okay, what you say is reasonable, later Ill put on some big earrings to cover it!"


After that short encounter, Ning Xi finally left the gate on her motorbike.

Why was it even though this round had just started, she felt like she was going to lose it miserably?

No, no, no, stay clear-headed, you have to break this obsession with the Big Demon King!

In the bar.

Enjoying a rare moment to herself, Ning Xi ordered a bottle of wine at the bar counter, and sat down to pour herself a cup.

The dance floor was crowded with people dancing madly, but she wasn't the slightest bit interested, as she stared absent-mindedly into her glass.

She had had enough of the bar scene when she had lived overseas. No matter how wild or exciting it was, to her it was no different than a ridiculous pantomime

After she had one bottle, Ning Xi ordered another one..

Alcohol didn't relax her; on the contrary, it made her anxious.

At this time, a man walked over with a glass of wine in his hand. "Miss, are you alone?"

The man looked thirty-something in age. He was immaculately dressed, like some elite, and had an egoistic appearance.

Many guys in the bar had noticed her while she was polishing off her first bottle of wine, but in this getup, Ning Xi looked like an old hand at this scene, and the average person didnt dare make a move.