Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 230

    Chapter 230: Dog Food Thrown In His Face

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    "I didnt do anything,"Lu Tingxiao answered. There wasnt the slightest hint of anything unusual in his emotionless expression.

    "Is there something wrong with my sixth sense then? Not possible"Baffled, Lu Jingli scratched his head.

    At last, the meal ended like that.

    Ning Xi felt that eating this meal was more tiring than fighting a war; she had to be on her guard every second.

    After the meal, Ning Xi immediately stood up and started clearing the table. "Ill wash the dishes!"

    Lu Jingli finished the last sweet and sour rib, and spoke with his mouth full. "Let me do it!"

    "Its fine, its fine, I'll do it!" Ning Xi scrambled to do it; if she didnt find something to do, she would go crazy.

    Lu Jingli looked apprehensively at Lu Tingxiao next to him, and said hurriedly, "How can we let you wash the dishes after you worked hard to make them! I ate the most, of course I should be the one to wash the dishes!"

    Saying that, Lu Jingli looked at his brother, like he was waiting for a reward.

    However, Lu Tingxiao looked at him indifferently and said, "Let Ning Xi do it."

    "Huh"Lu Jingli was utterly stunned.

    Did the sun rise in the west today?

    This wife-protecting maniac was letting Ning Xi wash the dishes?

    This wasnt logical!

    No matter how hard he thought, Lu Jingli was still confused. Lu Tingxiao looked at him, and said slowly: "You are the guest, after all."

    Stupefied, Lu Jingli pointed at himself with his finger. "What??? Im the guest???"

    In other words, it was Ning Xi and him that were family?

    Since when had he become the guest here?

    On the side, Ning Xi blushed. She put her hand to her forehead, with the expression of someone ready to die, then quickly ran upstairs

    Little Treasure watched Auntie Xiao Xi suddenly run away with a lost expression on his face. He didn't know what was wrong with Auntie Xiao Xi, but he could tellit was his papa who had done something to her, so he gave Lu Tingxiao an unhappy stare, then followed behind her on his short legs.

    Lu Jingli was caught off guard by the way Lu Tingxiao had brutally thrown dog food right in his face 1 . Looking dumbly at Ning Xis fleeing back, he said helplessly, "Brother, this is what you call nothing? Your teasing sent even a tough girl like Ning Xi running away, alright?

    "I knew there was nothing wrong with my sixth sense! What on earth are you trying to stir up! I act so carefully everyday to not sell you out, but in the end, youve suddenly become so unrestrained in your approach.Whatever the case is, at least tell me about it, so then Ill know how to coordinate with you"

    Lu Jingli nagged for a long while, and Lu Tingxiaoresponded with three words: "Go wash dishes."

    Then he turned to walk upstairs with cool aplomb.

    Lu Jingli: ""

    He had been tortured to the point he lost all his skin and almost vomited blood, and in the end he still needed to wash the dishes?

    He had only been used for his brother to show off their affection? Where was the humanity? Where was the reason? And where was the brotherhood?

    The night was quiet and peaceful, and Ning Xi was lying in bed with her eyes wide open.

    It had already been a few hours, but her heart was still beating unusually fast.

    What the hell!

    She had already experienced and seen so much of the world, yet with one sentence from a man, she was panicking this much. Her heart was racing, just like a naive teenage girl who was completely inexperienced in love

    She almost already didnt dare imagine what the future would be like

    No, no, she couldnt continue like this, just waiting to be killed!

    At this time, the clock struck midnight with a dong.

    Ning Xi rolled out of bed, and started searching everywhere for something

    1. A single person can be colloquially referred to as a dog, so couples who flaunt their PDA are pretty much throwing dog food in single peoples faces.