Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Challenging the Big Boss

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Since she had taken her motorbike, Ning Xi had worn a skin-tight black leather top and leather pants. After rushing over, she removed her helmet and gloves, her long hair falling to her shoulders like a waterfall. She looked so graceful and dashing, and was simply too beautiful.

Seeing her appearance, Lu Jingli almost couldnt stop himself from whistling.

"Lu Jingyu, did you really think I wouldnt dare touch you?" In a corner of the living room, Lu Tingxiao had caught his son, who had nowhere else to run. In his arms, the little guy was struggling to escape, like a crazed little beast flashing its small claws.

"Dont!" Ning Xi hurried over to snatch Little Treasure away.

Little Treasure lifted his little head to see who it was, and froze for one second before his large eyes turned red and he dove deeper into Ning Xis embrace, clinging tightly and refusing to let go.

Seeing the cute and soft little bun from yesterday trembling with so much fear in his eyes, Ning Xis heart twisted painfully.

So angry that she no longer cared that the other party was a fearsome big boss, she fired words off at him. "Mister Lu, I know Im an outsider and its not my place to say anything, but I still need to say this one thing. Theres something wrong with the way you raise him. Children this young need warmth and love, especially since Little Treasures condition is so unique. Hes had a huge trauma and doesnt have a mother by his side, you should be more patient and tolerant with him. How can you be so fierce with him? Cant you see how scared he is? And yet you would raise your hand against him!"

Lu Tingxiao: "I was wrong."

Lu Jingli: "" Hehe.

Hearing his own big brother so plainly admit his wrongs, Lu Jingli could only laugh to himself.

When I told you that theres something wrong with the way you raise children, you chewed me out straightaway. And yet when Ning Xi tells you the exact same thing, you obediently listen!

After Ning Xis arrival, Little Treasure was like a puppy who had seen its owner and obediently listened to every word, completely unlike the wild and fierce little lion from before. He allowed Ning Xi to hold his hand, and was led back to his room.

On the sofa, Ning Xi lightly caressed Little Treasures head. "What happened? Everything was still fine in the morning, right?"

Lu Jingli puffed up. "What else could the problem be? Little Treasure missed you and wanted to see you, but my brother wouldnt allow it. He wouldnt let him call you because he was afraid we would be disturbing you. In the end, Little Treasure started throwing a tantrum and running everywhere, and thrashed the living room. My brother didnt want Little Treasures tantrums to become a habit, so the two of them quarreled. And thats when you got here"

"Just because Little Treasure couldnt see me and couldnt call me?" Ning Xi found the explanation a little hard to believe. Even though Lu Tingxiao had said earlier that Little Treasure was now reliant on her, did she really have that much of an impact on him?

"What do you think? You really underestimate your influence!" Seeing that she still just wouldnt understand, he explained, "That day in the bar storeroom when you fainted, Little Treasure wouldnt let anyone near you. In the end, my brother had to personally carry you to the hospital!"

Reflexively, Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao. Lu Tingxiao personally carried me to the hospital?

"And then in the hospital, Little Treasure saw that you werent there and thought youd died. He ran riot and nearly jumped out the window. He only calmed down after my brother gave him the note youd written for him. Last night, Little Treasure wanted to see you, so he starved himself to threaten my brother. As for tonight, because you called and told him to eat, he ate too much, so he couldnt use starvation as a tactic, thats why this happened"

Ate too much? Earlier, she had told him to eat a bit more during the phone call, so was this her fault?