Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 229

    Chapter 229: Really Cant Win Against Him

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    Long after Lu Tingxiao had left, Ning Xi still remained rooted to the same spot, her fingers unconsciously touching her forehead where he had kissed her; it was still burning with sensation

    Although it was just a kiss on her forehead, although she had already secretly kissed him before, it was still the first kiss that had happened when they were both sober.

    At this moment, Ning Xi understood at last

    Lu Tingxiao had definitely known about her strategy early on, so he had switched tactics!

    If he had continued pretending like before, that would have been fine. But if he simply didn't conceal it anymore, changing dark to light, what could she do?

    F***! It was over!

    She really couldnt win against him!

    If she was pushed to the point where she had to lay all her cards on the table, then there could only be one outcome, and they might part on bad terms, or worse

    As Ning Xi was panicking, she suddenly felt her pants leg being yanked. Looking down, she saw Little Treasure, who was tilting his little head up to look at her.

    "Little Treasure" Ning Xi saw Little Treasure holding a watercolor painting in his hands, and said in surprise, "Did you finish drawing already?"

    Little Treasure nodded shyly, then stared expectantly at her.

    Ning Xis plans for the near future was all about accompanying Little Treasure. She had already arranged the itinerary yesterday, she would take Little Treasure to fly a kite, and furthermore, they would make it by hand themselves.

    After clearly seeing what Little Treasure had painted, Ning Xi was a little amazed. "This, you painted"

    Apart from her and himself, Little Treasure seldom painted portraits, and people never appeared in the scenery that he painted, but this time, Ning Xi realized that there were three people in his painting.

    White clouds floated in a vast boundless sky, and there were three people sitting on the clouds: a man, a woman, and a little boy between them.

    Little Treasure had still used an abstract painting style, but from their characteristics, Ning Xi could still recognize the people in the painting at a glance: they were her and Lu Tingxiao, and Little Treasure.

    Little Treasure had always never been fond of Lu Tingxiao, and when he drew, it was only ever her or the both of them together; he had never drawn Lu Tingxiao.

    This was the first time that Little Treasure had also painted Lu Tingxiao

    Ning Xi was a little startled, but she quickly recovered. She took Little Buns hand. "Lets go! Lets use it to make a kite! Grandpa Butler should have already helped us prepare the bamboo canes for the frame!"

    Little Bun nodded, but he seemed a little disappointed.

    Ning Xi flew a kite with Little Treasure the whole day, and personally cooked that night.

    She had taken Little Treasure out to eat the last two days, then had come back very late at night, and had hidden in her room as soon as she returned. Now that it was obvious that this ploy had failed, she didnt need to continue with it.

    Just as she finished cooking, Lu Jingli that guy eagerly came running over after following the scent like a dog, wagging his tail.

    "Wow, oh these are all my favorites sister-in-law bah, cough, cough, cough, Xiao Xi Xi, Ive been waiting for you to cook again!"

    Speechless, Ning Xi looked askance at Lu Jingli. This guy, did he slip just now and call her "sister-in-law"?

    "Go and tell your brother that dinners ready."

    "Oh, oh, okay!" Lu Jingli ran off in a hurry, but at the same time, his heart was full of suspicion. He had accidentally blabbed it just now, which had made him break out in a cold sweat. But unexpectedly Ning Xi didnt react? Did she not hear him clearly?

    At the table, the more Lu Jingli, who had an keen instinct, looked at the two people, the more he felt that there was something off about them

    "Something is wrong, something is wrong" Lu Jingli gnawed on his chopsticks, and drew closer to his brother's ear to whisper, "Brother, did you do something to Xiao Xi Xi? Why does she look so scared of you? She doesnt even dare look at you!"