Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 226

    Chapter 226: Why Is Everyone Helping Out

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    "Im sorry, Brother Yan, I know Im wrong, I won't do it again!" Ning Xueluo gritted her teeth as she said the words.

    It seemed like the incident this time had aroused the guilt inside Su Yan, and he wouldnt doubt Ning Xi so easily anymore.

    But so what, even if he wouldnt believe what people said, she would find an opportunity to make him see it with his own eyes. Then theyd see whether or not he still wouldnt believe it!

    It would be too easy to find Ning Xis weak point. Her relationship with Jiang Muye had always been unclear, and now there was a kid in the mix. Things were getting more and more interesting!

    But she would have to temporarily endure it during this period, and wait for Su Yans guilt to decrease before she could do anything else

    On the ground floor of the mall, Ning Xi was ready to take Little Treasure home, when she suddenly discovered that the car which had been waiting for them at the entrance was gone.

    "Huh, wheres our car?" Ning Xi was confused.

    It couldnt have been stolen, right?

    But that wasnt possible, since the driver had still been in the car

    Behind her, the bodyguard replied, "Miss, our car has already left because the boss called just now to say that he would come get us after work."

    "Ah?" Ning Xi said stupidly when she heard this, then hurriedly continued, "Then we should go by ourselves. What if he has to work overtime or is delayed by something"

    Before she finished speaking, a black Maybach pulled up smoothly. The window of the back seat rolled down slowly, and an expressionless face appeared. "Finished shopping?"

    Ning Xis expression was stiff as she nodded her head.

    She had been getting up late and sleeping early the last two days to avoid running into him, so even though they lived under one roof, she hadnt seen him for two whole days.

    "Going home?"

    "Yes, yes!" Ning Xi opened the car door and helped Little Treasure into the car. Then she opened the door of the front passenger seat, prepared to sit in the front.

    However, one of the bodyguards came up to her in anxious worry. "Miss, the front passenger seat isn't safe, so let me sit here. Its better for you to sit at the back, its very roomy."

    "Oh" Ning Xi opened the back car door again, and got in.

    After getting in, even though Little Bun was between them, Ning Xi tried her best to stay on her side of the car.

    Lu Tingxiaos attitude was the same as usual. With a laptop on his knees, he was busy tapping away rapidly on his keyboard.

    Seeing this, Ning Xi breathed a little sigh of relief.

    However, ten minutes later, Lu Tingxiao seemed to have finished his work. He put the computer down, settled a drowsy Little Treasure onto his lap, placed the computer on his other side, and then naturally turned in Ning Xis direction.

    The familiar cold aura suddenly intruded onto the safe distance, making the hair on Ning Xis whole body immediately stand on end. She subconsciously pressed her body against the door again, her face almost glued to the window

    "Ning Xi" Lu Tingxiaos voice sounded in her ears.

    "Ah? What is it?" Ning Xi turned her head to him.

    Lu Tingxiao looked at her, and spoke unhurriedly. "Are you hiding from me?"

    "Ha! How how is that possible! Why would I need to hide from you! Its just that the red clouds at sunset outside the window are very pretty! Im looking at the view just the view" Saying that, Ning Xi turned back around with a whoosh.

    But at that moment, she didnt know what the driver was doing, but he suddenly made a sharp turn, causing Ning Xis body to fall towards Lu Tingxiao.

    Lu Tingxiao frowned, and stretched out one arm to protect her shoulder. After that, he didnt take his arm back.

    "I'm sorry, boss, a car suddenly swerved into the lane just now!" reported assistant Cheng Feng, who was driving the car.

    Lu Tingxiao: "Mm, drive a little slower." Cheng Feng was getting a pay rise when they got back.

    Cheng Feng: "Understood!"

    Ning Xi: ""

    Was it her imagination, or was everyone, from the butler to the bodyguard to the assistant, helping Lu Tingxiao out?