Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Enemies On a Narrow Road

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There was no way she could waste a half-month break. The next day, Ning Xi also took Little Treasure out to have fun.

"Miss Xiao Xi, do you want to wait for Eldest Young Master to come back from work first before going out together?" The old butler couldnt just watch anymore, and started to prompt her like a matchmaker.

Ning Xi scratched her head. "Better not hes so busy! We can go by ourselves!"

She had deliberately chosen a time when Lu Tingxiao wasn't around, there was no way she would wait for him to come back from work first

"Then, please let them follow you. This is Eldest Young Masters instruction, we cant take Little Young Masters safety lightly." The old butler gestured at three bodyguards wearing black clothes and sunglasses nearby.

It was a reasonable request

Of course Ning Xi could only agree.

This way, she didnt need to look for Jiang Muye to do the work

Why did she have a feeling that Lu Tingxiao had arranged it like that on purpose?

Ning Xis plan for today was to buy Little Treasure some toys and clothes. Of course, since she hadnt received her pay yet, she still had to use Lu Tingxiaos credit card.

While they were shopping, she found a newly opened kids clothing store, which sold very trendy and cute clothes, and she switched completely into "buy buy buy" mode.

"Darling, darling, this one is good too, go and try it on!"

Little Treasure nodded, and obediently went to the fitting room.

While Ning Xi was waiting for Little Bun to try on the clothes, she saw two familiar figures passing by outside the store.

Ning Xueluo held onto Su Yans arm intimately as they walked and chatted together.

"Wow, this kids clothing store is so cute! Brother Yan, lets go inside and take a look! Fanglins sons birthday is next month, shall we get him some clothes as a birthday gift?"

"Mm," Su Yan answered passively.

"Have you seen Fanglins son? Hes so fair-skinned and chubby, so cute! Brother Yan, if we have a son in the future, do you think he will be as cute?" Ning Xueluo asked shyly.

"Probably." It was obvious that Su Yans mood was low as he gave a perfunctory answer.

Ning Xueluo looked like she was at a loss. "Brother Yan, are you still angry with me? I already publicly apologized on Weibo, and you heard Caijings explanation for yourself. As for that phone call it was because you suddenly wouldnt talk to me, so I had a little too much to drink. I was so desperate and anxious, and I didn't know what I was saying I really regret it"

"Xiao Xi"

As Ning Xueluo was explaining, Su Yan suddenly said Ning Xis name. She followed his gaze, and unexpectedly saw Ning Xi standing next to a clothes rack opposite them.

"Sister" Ning Xueluos tears welled up, and she immediately ran over to hold her hand. "Sister, finally! I wanted to apologize in person so badly, but you didn't pick up my phone calls these past few days, and I dont know where youre staying

"When everyone was asking me about this before, I did say that I didn't believe that you did all that, and then it turned out to be a misunderstanding, I knew you wouldn't do anything like that!

"Now the truth has come out, but you were still hurt by it. I was a victim too, but no matter what, this incident happened because of me, and I pulled you into it. So Im sorry, Im really sorry! You can hit me, scold me, do whatever you want, as long as you stop being angry with me!"

Ning Xueluos speech gave the impression of sincere feeling, and sounded natural and unforced, even making it sound like Ning Xi was still bullying her without reason.

Ning Xi didn't say anything sharp to her like she did before, and only threw a resigned and tired look in Su Yans direction.