Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Bragging Failed

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Jiang Muye was listless, but once he started eating, he regained his energy.

At least Ning Xi this person was really good at cooking. It was just a regular BBQ, but she made it taste so good.

Guessing that it had been hard on him, Little Treasure, who didn't care about anyone else apart from Ning Xi, actually personally passed him a lamb skewer.

Jiang Muye was overwhelmed with gratitude.


He realized that Ning Xi hadnt been exaggerating before.

The little kid was really too lovable when he was being good! No wonder Ning Xi was so good to him

Damn it, it was so unfair, how did someone like Lu Tingxiao produce such a cute son? Genetic mutation?

Jiang Muye chewed his meat as he played around with a small idea. Even though he had come along as labor, who would know?

He kept seeing Lu Tingxiaos daily posts in WeChat Moments showing off their PDA, now it was his turn

Jiang Muye secretly laughed a few times, and took a sneaky photo of Ning Xis back with his phone. He posted it in his Moments smugly [Aloha! Picnicking!]

Given Lu Tingxiaos discerning eye, he would definitely recognize the view of her back!

Very quickly, his gang of rascal friends started commenting:

[Wow! Shes a knockout! Can tell shes a beauty just from her back!]

[Jiang Muye, you bastard, wheres your loyalty to your friends, bring the girl for us to take a look!]

[A photo of her face, a photo of her face! Don't be stingy!]

[Why does she look so young? Is she of age yet? Jiang Muye, are you breaking the law now?]

After a while, Lu Jingli commented: [Ouch! The BBQ meat looks so good! And chicken wing, grilled fish you brat, you didn't call me, your uncle over for such good food!]

Lu Jinglis focus of attention really was different from normal peoples

After a long while, the one he had really been waiting for finally made an appearance. Refreshing his feed, he saw that Lu Tingxiao had just replied.

Jiang Muye hurriedly clicked on it, but after reading it, his face turned black

Lu Tingxiaos comment: [Dont let Little Treasure eat too much, recently hes been a little overweight.]

F*** f*** f***!

Little Treasure! How did Lu Tingxiao know Little Treasure was with them?

Jiang Muye looked at his picture again, and finally realized the problem.

In the photo, Little Treasures figure was reflected on the rivers surface

F***, he had too good an eye!

Jiang Muyes bragging had failed. His head drooped and he retreated like a beaten roster. Then he saw Ning Xi making a call on her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Jiang Muye asked casually.

"Sister Zhizhi~"Ning Xi answered. After becoming more familiar with each other, Ning Xi had started calling her Sister Zhizhi instead of Sister Lin.

Jiang Muye took a sip of his juice. "What straight 1 , what turn!"

"My manager, Lin Zhizhi! Zhi as in the mushroom ling zhi, alright?"

When she said that, Jiang Muye spit out the juice he had been drinking. "You said who?"

"Lin Zhizhi, Leng Manyuns manager! You didnt watch the press conference that day? Why are you so slow!"Ning Xi gave him a belittling look.

"F*** that! I knew what the result was going to be, why would I still watch it! Lin Zhizhi, why her?"

After finding out that Ning Xi had joined Glory World, he had been agitated. He only had a rough idea of the situation, and hadnt watched the press conference. Who knew Lu Tingxiao would drop such a big bomb on him!

Ning Xi was confused. "Why can't it be Lin Zhizhi? Why are you so agitated? Don't tell me she was your ex-girlfriend?"

Jiang Muye: ""

Seeing that Jiang Muye was unusually silent, Ning Xi snapped her fingers. "Aiya, Im such an idiot, I guessed it, didn't I?"

"Dont talk to me I need some peace and quiet"

  1. Jiang Muye mistakens the zhi in Lin Zhizhis name for zhi which means straight.