Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Whos Going On A Date With You

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Late at night.

After the girl's breathing had evened out, the man finally opened eyes clear and cold as a deep pool.

Under the moonlight, he quietly watched the sleeping girls peaceful face, and gently kissed her lips.

From the first moment he had seen her, he had wanted to lock her up at home and confine her to the bed, so that she couldnt go anywhere and no one would look at her; only he could look at her, and she would look at only him

Even he himself was astonished at how he had managed to endure it until now.

After a light kiss, the man pried open the girl's lips and forcefully entwined his tongue with hers, until the girl frowned and almost woke up from the lack of air

After a long time, he finally drew away. He touched the girl's cheek, and sighed imperceptibly. "Ning Xi, dont test my endurance. I can't promise that Ill be able to endure for much longer I also cant guarantee what I will do"

The next morning.

Ning Xi didnt know exactly when she had fallen asleep. Anyway, when she woke up, Lu Tingxiao was predictably no longer in bed.

It was almost nine o'clock when she got up after having slept too late.

There were a bunch of missed calls on her phone from Jiang Muye, who sent WeChat messages scolding her, wondering if she had stood him up again.

Ning Xi scratched her head and sent him a message telling him to come over. She went to wash up, then went downstairs.

Lu Tingxiao had gone to work, and Little Treasure, who hadnt disturbed her while she was sleeping, was sitting quietly on the sofa reading a book.

"Darling, come here!" Ning Xi waved at Little Treasure.

Little Treasure immediately put down the book, and deng deng ran over to her.

Ning Xi picked the little guy up and said, "Auntie will take you out to play today, alright?"

Hearing this, Little Treasures face was full of surprise, and he nodded furiously.

At this moment, a honk sounded at the gate.

Ning Xi held Little Treasures hand as they went outside.

When Jiang Muye saw Ning Xi, he was stunned. Today, she had her hair up in a ponytail, and was wearing a pair of overalls and a floral white T-shirt with a cartoon figure on it. With a shoulder bag slung across her body, she looked like a student.

"Lets go!" Ning Xi took Little Treasure to the car.

Jiang Muye looked wide-eyed at Little Treasure next to her. "Dont tell me, you want to take this little kid with us on our date?"

Ning Xi looked askance at him. "Whos going on a date with you! I taking Little Treasure on an autumn outing and a picnic, okay?

Jiang Muye goggled. "Then why did you ask me to come?"

"To drive the car, of course! I thought about it for a bit, but you are the only person who was free today!"

Lu Corporation was in talks for yet another huge venture, so both Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were busy during this period.

"" Jiang Muye choked, dumbfounded.

"Are you going or not! If we dont go now, the sun will go down soon!" Ning Xi urged him.

Following orders, Jiang Muye got into the car. "Arent you afraid that someone will recognize us?"

"Itll be fine with a little disguise!"

Jiang Muye was startled a bit, and said uneasily, "What are we disguising as? A family of three?"

"You wish. Im the sister, Little Treasure is the little brother, and as for you"

"Who am I? The dad?"

"Bah! Youre the driver!"

Jiang Muye: ""

"Remember to go to the supermarket first! We have to buy a grill, plus meat and drinks!"

"Got it." A black cloud hung over Jiang Muye. This asshole really knew how to trap him!

After shopping at the supermarket, Ning Xi found a spot by a small river with good scenery and no one around. Humming a song happily, she taught Little Treasure how to skewer meat.

Jiang Muye was singing as he put together a fishing rod:"Its sunny today, but you showed up with your little brother. Seeing his face, my mood became cloudy, like salt on my wound"

Ning Xi stood up with her hands on her hips: "Enough! Sing a merry song for master!"

"Its fine weather today, the scenery is good, its good"