Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 22

    Chapter 22: Immediately Calling for Emergency Backup

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    "Brother, we can't continue like this, why don't we just call Ning Xi over?"

    "We cannot call her," Lu Tingxiao replied coldly.

    Lu Jingli did his best to persuade him. "Brother, Little Treasure is a child, not a work employee. Dont be too harsh with him, theres nothing wrong with spoiling him a bit. What child doesn't throw a tantrum?"

    "It is not your place to teach me how to raise my child." Lu Tingxiao's expression was icy. It appeared that he was determined not to let Little Treasure get used to acting out in order to get his way.

    It was a real headache for Lu Jingli, caught in-between this father and son pair.

    If the situation got any further out of hand that the two elders heard about it, the fact that he had brought Little Treasure to a wine bar would be exposed once they started looking deeper.

    God, someone quickly come and save him!

    While Lu Tingxiao went to catch Little Treasure, Lu Jingli sneakily sent a hasty text message to Ning Xis cellphone

    That evening, Ning Xi was at home reading her script while messaging some people online at the same time.

    Evil Fairy King: Little Ning Xi, cant you change your old-fashioned QQ name? It irritates my eyes!

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: And Evil Fairy King isnt irritating? You have the nerve to criticize me?

    Evil Fairy King: Cough, Im back next month, come to the airport to pick me up!

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: Not going, busy.

    Evil Fairy King: Come pick me up!

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: I said Im busy!

    Evil Fairy King: Are you coming or not?

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: The other party doesnt want to speak to you and throws a dog at you.

    Evil Fairy King: The other party catches your dog and screws it.

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: The dog feels as though its been pierced by a needle.

    Evil Fairy King: F***! How are you dirtier than me! Also, what are you saying is a needle!

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: You started it, Im not going to banter with you anymore, I still need to take a look at my script.

    Evil Fairy King: Its just a small role, whats there to look at! We used to date, are you really going to be so unfeeling?

    Loneliness Like Neverending Arrows in the Void: Ive dated so many, which number were you?

    Evil Fairy King: Little Ning Xi! Just you wait!

    Ning Xi turned off her computer to focus on her script.

    After reading for a while, her cell phone suddenly rang, displaying an unfamiliar phone number.

    She was worried that it might be the production team, so she instantly picked up the call.

    "Hello, Ning Xi, help!!"

    "You are"

    "Im Lu Jingli, come to the Platinum Palace quickly. Somethings happened to Little Treasure!"

    "What? What about Little Treasure?" Ning Xi immediately felt anxious.

    "Just know its an emergency, please hurry, hurry Bro bro bro, could you calm down the child is still young Little Treasure, Little Treasure, you cant break that ah"

    Lu Jingli sounded so serious, and the sound of things crashing and shattering coming through the phone made Ning Xi even more nervous. She hurriedly started to change as she replied, "Im on my way!"

    She herself didnt know what was wrong with her, but she couldnt sit still after hearing that something had happened to Little Treasure.

    She had only known him for a few days, but in her heart she already couldnt let him go.

    The Platinum Palace was pretty far away; taking a car would take approximately forty minutes. Worried that it would take too long, Ning Xi got her motorbike out of the garage and sped over.

    What would have been forty minutes took just ten.

    She assumed Lu Jingli would have notified the security guards, and after giving them her name, Ning Xi was let in directly. She rushed to Villa no.8, where a maid was already waiting for her.