Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 218

Chapter 218: She Can do Whatever She Wants

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Ning Xi subconsciously put her phone down and held her breath; she wasn't alarmed or guarded, but rather, nervous.

She recognized Lu Tingxiaos footsteps.

Why was Lu Tingxiao coming to her room at this hour?

It was 3 in the morning!

The strangest thing was, Lu Tingxiao would usually never enter without knocking

Just as Ning Xi was in complete confusion, that familiar figure came to her bedside.

She didn't have the lights on in her room and there was no moon tonight, so it was so dark in the room that she could only see a blurry shadow.

That shadow stood there quietly, motionless.

Ning Xis heart was in her throat. She was about to make some noise to break the grueling silence, when she suddenly had a realization and an idea formed in her head.

Lu Tingxiao was a sleepwalker!

She swallowed the words back quickly, so as to not wake him.

Cough, but what did he want?

After around 5 seconds, Lu Tingxiao took another step forward, sat down on the edge of her bed, opened half of the covers, and then lay down next to her, just like that

Ning Xi: ""

He wasn't even finished yet; as soon as Lu Tingxiao lay down, he reached out with his long arm and pulled her into his embrace, holding her tightly like he would hold a pillow.

Ning Xi: ""

Ning Xis face was seamlessly forced against Lu Tingxiaos chest. His steady breathing was above her head and his hot palm was on her waist. Ning Xi was overcome with his cool smell mixed with a light scent of the cologne he used

Im going to die young! Im going to go mad!

On the inside, Ning Xi wildly ran 800 miles while shouting to the sky, but in reality, she had to endure to the point of getting internal injuries.

Thinking back to the first time Lu Tingxiao had sleepwalked, she was sure it had been because "what you thought of during day was what you were going to dream of at night," and had told Lu Tingxiao to find himself a woman the next day

Now, she finally understood!

Understood the true meaning of "what you thought during day was what you were going to dream of at night"!

So, who could tell her what she should do now?

Wait it out and let Lu Tingxiao walk away on his own?

It was ok to do nothing when she still didn't know anything, but now that she knew about it, how could she do nothing?

Ning Xi tested out the situation and tried to move her body away, but the result was that while she was pouring sweat and out of breath, a certain someone was still motionless.

She didn't want to wake him up, so she couldnt use too much strength.

Without options, Ning Xi gave up.

Ai, forget it, let him sleep then! He wont remember anything after he wakes up anyways

Outside the window, a breeze fiddled with the gloomy clouds and the moon reached its head out from behind them, sprinkling silver moonlight all over the room.

Lu Tingxiaos face was so close that it was right in front of her, catching her unprepared

Ning Xis heart sped up, like a beating drum.

She was afraid her heartbeat would wake him up.

Unsure whether it was because of the beautiful moonlight or because of this man in front of her, Ning Xi couldnt help but touch the mans cheek with her hand. "Lu Tingxiao"

Right now, no matter what she did, he wouldn't remember or retain a memory, right?

Mm, then it meant that she could do whatever she wanted?

This thought woke up the wild beast which had been locked up at the bottom of her heart

Ning Xi touched the mans forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and finally stopped at his lips