Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2160

    Chapter 2160: Wedding Night 4

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    "The first and second levels were both scholarly based. For the third one, we'll be testing your physical abilities!" Feng Xiaoxiao coughed lightly. "The content for the third level is"

    Annie then declared, "Defeat me."

    Lu Jingli and Tang Lang were speechless after they heard Annie.

    This was not just difficult!

    It was impossible!

    "Uhh, is this girl really that good?" Qin Mufeng asked.

    "Not just good! She's a walking killing machine!" Tang Lang gulped as he unconsciously felt pain in his chest area.

    "Even all of you together can't defeat her?" Qin Mufeng asked again.

    Tang Lang nodded. "We can't beat her even if everyone here attacked together!"

    Suddenly, Lu Jingli's eyes lit up as he thought of something. "Right! We can look for help! Where's Master Han Xiao?"

    Tang Lang scratched his head. "Maybe he's gone to buy food."

    "Ah, looking for me?" A long-haired man came in through the door with bags of food in his hand.

    Tang Lang quickly went over. "Yes! Great timing! These women are blocking the path! We have to pass three levels! We've passed two and the last level is to defeat Annie! So, we can only rely on you now, Grandfather!"

    Han Xiao walked over to Annie and looked at Tang Lang like he was an idiot. "Why would I harm my girl?"

    "Uhh, according to the rules, you should be on our side!" Tang Lang was getting anxious.

    "Oh" Han Xiao then continued, "Just assume that I've surrendered myself to the enemy!"

    Everyone was speechless.

    He surrendered so easily

    Their only hope was gone!

    "Hahaha! Good job, Annie! The Master is with us now! You guys, prepare to die!" Feng Xiaoxiao put her hands on her hipsas if she had just achieved total victory.

    "Give me a minute." Lu Tingxiao took out his phone and made a call.

    Everyone was curious and looked at Lu Tingxiao's direction.

    "Is my uncle calling someone else for help?" Jiang Muye had just finished changing out of his female outfit.

    Lu Jingli scratched his head doubtfully. "Probably?"

    Tang Lang touched his chin. "How do I not know this? Does Boss have someone better than Annie?"

    Everyone was getting even more curious now and all of them were focused on the door.

    After several minutes, there was the sound of footsteps near the door.

    Tang Lang straightened up. "These footsteps sound solid. It's definitely a practitioner! Hmm... but why does it feel like this person's center of gravity is a bit... low"

    "What does that mean?" asked Lu Jingli.

    "It means it's probably someone short!" replied Tang Lang.

    As the two of them were discussing, Feng Xiaoxiao was on cautious mode. CouldLu Tingxiao really have someone strong she did not know about?

    Finally, the person opened the door and came in.

    The cute little bun appeared before everyone.

    Lu Jingli's eyes popped out when he saw it was Little Treasure.

    "Oh my God! Little Treasure!"

    Tang Lang was stunned. "Disciple! Why is it you?!"

    No wonder his center of gravity was low!