Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 216

    Chapter 216: Lost Love Rekindled

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    Ning Xi subconsciously raised Little Treasures face to her shoulder, gently patted his back, and answered casually, "My friends kid. I have to go, get well soon! I will inform Ning Xueluo to come here later."

    After Ning Xi left, Su Yan stared at the door, still in shock.

    What was with that kid?

    Why, for a split second, did he think that the kid actually resembled Ning Xi, especially in the eye area?

    He recalled the horrible memory of that dead fetus from five years ago. If that fetus hadnt died, it would have been around the same age

    Shit, what was he thinking about! It was simply mad! That fetus died 5 years ago!

    Yes died it was already dead there was no way it could have survived

    Ning Xi came out 5 seconds after Little Treasure had run in. Lu Jingli couldnt help but snap his fingers at Little Treasure, well done!

    Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiaos face and knew instantly that he was going to criticize Little Treasure. She hurriedly defended Little Treasure before he could speak. "Dont blame Little Treasure, he's just a kid! He didn't disturb me at all!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked helpless. "You are spoiling him." Funny, when he criticized Ning Xi, he didnt sound at all angry.

    Jiang Muye, who was standing at the side, saw how Lu Tingxiao contained all of his anger as soon as Ning Xi came out. He even looked loving instead. The speed at which he changed his expression was faster than turning a page in a book. The shock he felt was indescribable

    Fake, so fake!

    "You treat him so strictly, I'm just making up for it!" Ning Xi touched Little Treasures head and a hint of sorrow unnoticeably flashed across her eyes.

    If she didn't spoil Little Treasure now, she never would. She wouldnt be able to in the future.

    After leaving the hospital, they returned to the car and Ning Xi carried Little Bun in her arms, trying to put him to sleep. He passed out very quickly.

    Lu Jingli had held it in for so long and finally couldn't bear it anymore. He looked at Ning Xi through the rearview mirror and asked in a rush, "Xiao Xi Xi, calling him Brother Yan" and reminiscing with him, what was all that about? Has your lost love for him rekindled?"

    In the passenger seat, Jiang Muye humphed. "Rekindled my ass! I was also almost fooled by her, she was acting like a little white flower again! Not just that, she even added a beauty trap on top!"

    Ning Xi held her jaw and lifted her eyebrows in surprise. "My golden retriever got smarter, he even saw through me!"

    Sitting next to Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao still looked bit cold.

    Hed discovered with a single glance that Ning Xi wasn't being sincere with Su Yan; what really upset him was

    The beauty trap she used it on someone other than him

    "Ah, I still need to call Ning Xueluo!" Ning Xi still had Little Treasure in her arms; she moved slightly to grab her phone.

    "Give him to me." Lu Tingxiao took Little Treasure from her.

    She dialed the number and Ning Xueluos sharp voice sounded on the other end. "Ning Xi? Heh, why do you call me? To show off? Bitch! You must be so pleased to see me lose everything, huh? Im telling you, don't be so happy just yet! You think that Brother Yan, mummy, and daddy will believe your nonsense? You are just a shameless bumpkin who found"

    Ning Xi let her finish her curses before speaking up slowly, but surely. "Miss Ning let me remind you that you are on speaker right now, and that Su Yan is right next to me"