Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2158

    Chapter 2158: Wedding Night 2

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    "Who else?! Who's giving the second question?" Tang Lang suddenly got excited.

    Feng Xiaoxiao looked among the girls and picked Zhuang Keer. "Keer, come!"

    "Huh... Me?" Zhuang Keer walked out hesitantly. "Let me think for a bit!"

    After a while, Zhuang Keer said, "Hmm, my question is what's the dress that Xiao Xi wore during the Golden Film Awards?"

    Lu Tingxiao did not even need to think about it. "Nirvana Reincarnated series in maroon."

    Zhuang Keer nodded. "That's right."

    Feng Xiaoxao was stunned. "That's it? Keer, you're too soft! That's too easy!"

    Tang Lang seemed annoyed. "Don't you think you're the weird one? Do you think all girls are like you?"

    Zhuang Keer then said, "This question isn't easy at all. Even a hardcore fan of Xiao Xi's might not be able to remember each and every dress Xiao Xi wore at different events."

    Feng Xiaoxiao gave up, so they passed.

    There was only one more question left in the first level.

    Feng Xiaoxiao looked over at Ning Tianxin. "Third question. Take a guess at what Tianxin's favorite painting is! You have to guess it right on the first try!"

    Tang Lang protested, "What's the difference between this and the first question!?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him. "Don't worry. I won't be a bully anymore! I'll get Tianxin to prepare an answer and I'll definitely let you guys pass if you get it correct!"

    Lu Jingli mumbled, "That's very difficult too!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows. "Please! Think about who's inside the room! The top beauty of China, the National Goddess! It's worth that little bit of difficulty, okay?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Indeed."

    Lu Jingli was speechless. Which side was his brother actually on?!

    He was really worried about his brother losing his own principles!

    Lu Jingli asked Qin Mufeng, "Hey Dr. Qin, you're the closest to the pretty lady here. Do you know the answer?"

    Qin Mufeng seemed troubled. "I know she likes Monet, but there are so many paintings of his. I don't know which one she'd like!"

    Lu Jingli fell into despair. "Oh no, I don't think my brother has a solution for this too!"

    "Time's up! Are you guys done discussing?" Feng Xiaoxiao had a little paper with Ning Tianxin's answer in her hand.

    "Quick! Anyone?" Lu Jingli asked around.

    Qin Mufeng seemed worried. This was related to a certain devil's happiness. If he messed it up, would he end up dead?

    "Sunrise? Picnic by the Graze? Or Sleeping Lotus? Sleeping Lotus seems to have a big chance... but I'm not sure" Qin Mufeng slowly closed in on Ning Tianxin. "Tianxin, can you give us some hint?"

    Ning Tianxin seemed troubled. "Well"

    Feng Xiaoxiao created a gap between them. "What are you doing?! No seduction! Be more serious about it! I'll give you guys a ten-second countdown. You'll lose if there's no answer! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three"

    "Wait! Let us think!"

    "Can't we get any hints for this?"

    Suddenly, there was a hoarse voice among the crowd

    "Zero's 'Prison Cage'."

    It was Mo Lingtian.