Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2144

Chapter 2144: Repentance That Came Too Late

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"What did you say?!"

No wonder... No wonder the Su family was rushing to kill her! It turns out that she needed to give up her spot to the new lady!

Ning Xueluo had a malevolent expression. "I want to report! I want to report that Su Hongguang gives huge amounts of bribes! Even if I die, I won't let them live well!"

The lawyer looked sympathetically as he sighed, "Miss Ning, forget it. Did you forget about the Liang family's background? It's useless. With the Su family and the Liang family's current relationship, all those proof you have will be blocked by someone mid-way..."

When Ning Xueluo heard this, she turned as white as a sheet and slumped onto the cold metal chair.


This was impossible...

Su Yan... Su Yan!

How could you treat me like this?!


A few days later.

At the city centre central plaza in Imperial, there were rushing tides of people and traffic was coming from both sides.

All of the passersby could not help but stop in their steps to look up at the large screen above their heads.

It was the scene of an intense fight and shoot out. The awe-inspring special effects, the classic plot, and an incredibly familiar face to all of the people in China caught everyone's attention...

After the movie trailer ended, the large screen showed a promotional banner: "First Day of the Lunar Year. 'Assassin', the return of the king. Stay tuned!"

"Ah, ah, ah! It's Bro Xi's 'Assassin'! We've waited for half a year and it's finallygoing to show in theatres! But it's much faster than I expected! I thought it would be the same as 'Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad' and take at least one or two years!"

"The filming crew has enough funding. I heard that the special effects team that they hired is super awesome, so naturally they're very efficient too!"

"My Bro Xi is so handsome, oh, oh, oh! Right, who's that icy beauty who was fighting alongside Bro Xi in that scene? She's so beautiful!"

"Mmm, if I'm guessing correctly, that might be our Bro Muye!"

"What the heck!? Jiang... Jiang Muye? Are you for real? That's Jiang Muye in a female outfit? Isn't he gorgeous? Is he even letting us females live!?"


Ning Xi had just finished having dinner with the "Assassin" crew. When she went to get her car at the hotel car park, she unexpectedly saw someone.

"Xiao... Xiao Xi..." Ning Yaohua looked uneasy as he stood across her car as if he had especially waited there for her.

Ning Xi paused in her footsteps. "Director Ning, is there anything I can help you with?"

Ning Yaohua cleared his throat. "Next month will be the New Year..."

Ning Xi did not know what he was trying to say. She just stood there quietly.

Ning Yaohua wanted to ask whether Ning Xi would go home for the New Year, yet he still could not utter the words.

"Xiao Xi, I... I've been wanting to chat with you, but you know the Ning family's situation in this half year hasn't been great. The company was impacted hugely. Your mother encountered that unfortunate incident and she became more and more absent-minded. She can't be left alone. I really couldn't pull myself away..." Ning Yaohua spoke without really getting to the point.

Actually, after he had said so much, the real reason was still that he did not know how to face this daughter of his.

Ning Yaohua took a deep breath, then he said, "That incident years ago... Your mother and I know the truth now, we know that it wasn't your fault, and that Xueluo had set you up."

Ning Yaohua looked quite embarassed. "I know that it's too late to say anything now... but I'm sorry, Xiao Xi, for not believing you back then. Xueluo has been sentenced. She has already received the punishment she deserves."

Regarding Ning Xueluo's matter, Ning Xi knew a little about it. She had also just received news that Ning Xueluo had been sentenced to death.

Countries abroad did not prohibit drugs, but China was very strict about it. Ning Xueluo had been involved with too huge an amount of drugs, and it was enough for the gauntlet to fall.