Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143: Definitely Not Getting A Divorce

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After she went back, Ning Xi immediately fed Little Treasure the antidote and he started to recover day by day.

Ning Xi tried to contact Han Xiao and Annie several times. Unfortunately, she could not get a hold of any news on them.

As for the world outside, the Lu Corporation did not topple amidst the storm. The foreign investments withdrew from the Chinese market one after another, and the economic crisis gradually dissipated.

Not long after that, what shocked the entire business world was that the influential Yi Lan Innovative Investment Group had chosen to entirely withdraw from China's market at their prime.

Half a year later.

A large-scale case of drugs being smuggled across international borders was about to begin court session. What everyone paid the most attention to was the fact that one of the suspects was unexpectedly a former popular female star in the entertainment industry and Yifeng Corporation's young lady of the house, Ning Xueluo. Everyone kept crying out in disbelief.

In a certain prison in the suburbs of Beijing.

Ning Xueluo scoffed when she saw who had come. "Huh, Su Yan! Forget it... There's no way I'll divorce you..."

Su Yan looked expressionlessly at this woman before him who was evil all over without any hint of tenderness from the past. "I'm not here to talk about the divorce."

"Then, what do you want to say?"

"We're married, after all. I've come to see you one last time."

Ning Xueluo frowned. "What do you mean?"

Su Yan did not say anything.

Ning Xueluo suddenly thought of something and her expression changed abruptly. "Could it be that I... No way! I'll just be charged with hiding drugs at the most, plus about those illegal activities outside of the country's borders, I just threatened a few people and attempted murder by hiring a hitman. Even if I get several charges, I'll just be sentenced to 20 or 30 years. There will come the time when I see the day of light!"

Su Yan's voice did not have a hint of emotion. "Not charging you for hiding the drugs, but illegal possession of drugs."

The color drained from Ning Xueluo's face instantly. She said emotionally, "Illegal posession of drugs? What illegal possession of drugs?! I was just helping someone else hide the drugs! The drugs aren't even mine! This is slander!"

Ning Xueluo finally panicked.

If it was illegal possession of drugs, with the amount of drugs involved, it would be enough for her to be sentenced to death.

No wonder Su Yan said he was not here to talk about divorcing her. Once she died, he would naturally be relieved of theirmarriage!

She could not figure it out!

No matter what, she could not figure out how the police had gotten hold of the evidence that she had hidden drugs, and how they knew everything she had done like the back of their hands, and with sufficient evidence.

She knew that those people must have sold her out, yet she could not figure out why!

Even if it were because those people were from abroad and their whereabouts were uncertain, even if they were exposed, the police in this country could not do anything, but hand the evidence overto the Chinese police, how did it benefit them?

Could it be... Ning Xi again!? Was it Ning Xi who had bribed them again?

After Su Yan left, Ning Xueluo had demanded to meet her lawyer.

"Am I going to be sentenced to ten or twenty years this time? How confident are you?" Ning Xueluo quickly asked.

The lawyer's expression was a little vague. "Well..."

When she saw her lawyer's expression, Ning Xueluo's blood turned cold. "What is happening?! Tell me the truth!"

She had evidence about the Su family's corruption, so why was Su Yan's tone earlier so fearless?

The lawyer hesitated for a moment, then said, "Madam Su, forgive me but my hands are tied. The Su family has people up there. For your case, I'm afraid I can't help you. It's best if you just expect the worst."

"People up there? What kind of people would they have?!"

The lawyer cleared his throat. "You haven't heard? I thought Mr. Su has already told you... Mr Su is going to marry the heiress of the Liang family from City S next month."