Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2137

    Chapter 2137: Younger Generations Will Surpass Us In Time

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    "Evil creature! I only need to stall you. When Baron's settled his matters, I'd like to see how you get along alone!" Han Wuying shouted coldly, transforming into a dark shadow and charging towards Han Xiao.

    The two of them instantly engaged in a battle.

    When Baron saw Han Xiao was being stalled, he immediately ordered, "Kill them!"

    The snipers who hid in the dark instantly aimed their barrels at Yun Shen, Lu Tingxiao, and the rest.

    "You really thought this was your turf?" Yun Shen's face had a cold smile.

    Lu Tingxiao was expressionless as always. His gaze fell to a certain dark corner.

    Suddenly, hundreds of people surged in from outside the resort and met head-on with the Rothschild family's forces.

    Baron was not afraid at all. He appeared confident with insufferably arrogance. "If the snipers that I arranged in hiding wanted to kill all of your people, it would've only taken a few seconds."

    Tang Lang and everyone else's gazes instantly searched around the hidden places, trying to find out the hiding spots of those snipers.

    However, how would the Rothschild family's professional ambush snipers be so easily found out?

    Those snipers were like a time bomb...

    "Haha, it's no use for regret now." Baron's smile tightened. "Now!"

    The moment he said that, a sigh came from not too far away.

    "When children grow up, they're ready to spread their wings." A white-haired elder started to walked towards the crowd.

    When they saw the elder, the Rothschild family's forces were stunned, including Baron.

    However, Ning Xi was the one who was most shocked. She looked at the elder and subconsciously blurted out, "Grandfather Jace?"

    "Xiao Xi, long time no see." Jace looked gentle and loving with his smile.

    "Father... Why? Why have you come?" Baron's expression changed again.


    Ning Xi was stunned on the spot.

    Jace was unexpectedly... Baron's father...

    Did that not mean... that Jace was the European King?!

    Ning Xi was dumbfounded by this revelation.

    This feeling was close to finding out that the monk who swept the floor in a temple was actually a top-notch master.

    "Baron, you've disappointed me." Jace shook his head with the imposing manner of a leader, rendering Baron to involuntarily quiver slightly.

    Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao exchanged a glance. They could understand what the European King was implying.

    It seemed like the person who wanted to swallow Asia whole was not the European King himself.

    "Father, hear me out. I'm doing this..." Baron's forehead had layers and layers of cold sweat as he tried to explain himself.

    However, he could only speak halfway when he was interrupted by Jace's wave of hand.

    "The snipers who are in hiding, all of you, come out," ordered Jace coldly.

    Subsequently, the air was silent. There was no sound at all. Moments later, there were rustling sounds and a few people walked out.

    Unexpectedly, there were only three people!

    Jace frowned. There was no way these people would go against his orders. Where were the rest then?

    Jace pondered for a moment, then he suddenly understood. He looked at Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen as he lamented, "The younger generations will surpass us in time."

    His son had meticulously arranged for everything, yet it had long been seen through by the other party and they had even ruined a huge chunk of his plans.

    Baron looked at the three remaining snipers, then at his father again. At this moment, he was at a complete loss.

    Damn it! Father has been so focused on his movie. He hadn't gotten involved with the clan matters for a long time, so how did he come to realize all of this?

    "Father, if we annihilate Asia, we Rothschilds... will be even richer and more powerful," said Baron unwillingly.

    "Is this the reason you've disobeyed me behind my back?" Jace scolded, "Is it actually the Rothschild family getting stronger, or you, Baron, getting stronger yourself!?"